It's been 30 years

It’s really amazing what the body can remember, I was a rider a long long time ago. My wife has been wanting to learn to ride. We bought her a used uni and I took her up to the school today to teach her what I could remember.

We did the usual thing along the fence so she could get a feel for it, but the seat post was too long for her. So I played with it a couple a times down the fence and then I just rode away. If you could see the smile on my face!!

I Could, that how big it was

Welcome back! I started riding again several years ago when I taught two of my kids (currently age 11 and 13) to ride. Now the 3 of us are having a blast. We have a lot of fun riding MUni. The kids leave me in the dust, but I get a lot of satisfaction seeing how accomplished they are becoming.