It's all in your head

Hey guys,

I haven’t posted on here in years, been riding a bit lately and thought I would check out what has been happening in the forums. Here is the latest video my friend and I made. Happy to take constructive criticism for improvements in future videos. Nailed a few new tricks since the video, so we will definitely be making some more during the summer holidays (southern hemisphere!). I hope you all enjoy!

Woah, no way!! Are you from Kingston?? I haven’t been on here for a while either but fancy seeing the Peter Murell reserve on here. I used to Muni in there quite a bit!

Yeah, I sure am! Well picked, there’s some fun trails down that way :slight_smile: Would definitely be up for a ride some time if you are interested

Yeah definitely, that would be awesome! I just got back into riding after almost a year off, so i might need a couple of weeks to get comfortable riding again before i come for a ride.

Nice video btw :sunglasses:

That’s cool, I have exams over the next few weeks so I won’t be doing much riding till afterwards. But you should definitely come for a ride sometime afterwards! :slight_smile:


Cool, sounds good!!

Nice vid :slight_smile:

If you guys wore pads you could improve your riding by pushing yourselves more w/o worrying about pedal bites, sprain’s, etc. Definitely works w/ me, I often push myself to the point of falling all the way down,. Most of them I’d be OK but the pads allow me to repeat it MANY times, and reduce likelihood of serious injury. For Muni I wear helmet, knee/shin, but, elbow/forearm, wrist guards, and a loosely packed backpack works as a back protector.