It's a unicycle, it's a bike, no it's...

Not Superman. Possibly Super Woman.

There is a gallery, , of pics for a unicycle/juggling street performer in Baltimore. Anybody know who she is? Seeing she can hand-wheel walk it appears she is quite good.

She has the most unusual mini-bike/unicycle.

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I do not know her personally although I met her boyfriend a few years ago at the Philly Juggling Festival. She used to post on RSU under the name Unilady.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

Found this article about her.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

I mistakenly posted something here which it wont let me delete. Sorry for taking up precious screen space.

she ripped me off!

on her web site it said “for a sticker and a Unilady baseball card send 1 dollar and a self addressed stamped envelope” well? the kids sent in 2 dollars and 2 s.a.s.e’s about 2 years ago and never got anything…scam!

I’ve seen her in person. She used to perform in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia. I’ve had a crush on her for a long time. She may be the true reason I learned to ride. I’m glad to see she is still at it.


“on her web site it said “for a sticker and a Unilady baseball card send 1 dollar and a self addressed stamped envelope” well? the kids sent in 2 dollars and 2 s.a.s.e’s about 2 years ago and never got anything…scam!”

It probably got lost in the mail. It wouldn’t be worth her time to scam kids out of $4. Just an opinion.


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Thanks for the info.

That arrest story is pretty interesting.

Do mimes have the right to remain silent?

I can see the crush was valid. Look at those legs!
If she’s a street performer in “Alexandria VA”
(where it is very expensive to live) she must be good!

can you ask her to send our stickers and cards please.

You can ask her youself.

i did that a couple times last year and never got a responce so i gave up.i just think its funny how i never heard a thing…maybe shes a full time mime,key board included.

It sounds like she’s not reading the emails from her web site, or not monitoring it at all. But then again, the site, which has changed since the last time I looked at it (a year or more ago), is obviously a promotional tool for her so I assume somebody is receiving those emails. It could be an agent.

Nothing on there today about sending in a dollar, at least.

She came to a few conventions. I think the first one was 1992, and wowed the audience with her style of dance on the unicycle. I rode with her in DC once when I was down there on a visit. She has a real name of course, but prefers to keep it private and be know as the Unicycle Lady.

She must be the one who tried unsuccessfully to sell a 2-wheeler on Ebay a while back:

A read of the article yields the real name.

That looks very much like the mini giraffe bike that I saw sold at Madfest (Madison WI USA Juggling festival). It was sold by juggler Nick Price’s Grandfather as he was emptying out his basement… not sure if that’s it or not, but he also was selling a 3 wheeled giraffe(home built, with a chain) and a schwinn 24" which I bought. Not sure if that’s the same one I saw last january, but I believe it was a woman that bought it.

Note from The Unicycle Lady

Dear Fellow Unicyclists:
It has been a long time since I have posted to this forum. In fact I’m not sure if it’s even going to work as I was used to the old forum (I’m not that web savy as I really have only been able to surf the web w/o crashing since August 2003 --at least i do have a computer). I had no idea I was being discussed but a friend of mine forwarded this to me.

Firstly, the mini bike/unicycle that appears in that gallery was built by Tom Miller. I am still performing these days and unfortunately have not been as active in attending unicycle competitions as I took up juggling soon after and enjoy the juggling festivals. They seem to be less competitive and I am not daring enough to take up mountain unicycling (although I envy many of you).

I sincerely apologize to the few of you who posted about not receiving a sticker and card. I never asked anyone to send $1…only self addressed envelopes with a stamp. My ex boyfriend had these stickers & cards made and it was his idea (he was also the one who created the website & took it down when we parted…or at least left no forwarding info about me. I also did not get any emails after the break up as it was his account. My NEW site is Since I only had 1999 cards made I was embarassed to send out old cards. I will however send these old cards along with the stickers as i have NOT thrown away any envelopes away that were given to me…again…it was not even my post office box where they were mailed. Heck, they may be worth something one day as I don’t plan to have these cards made again.

I am still performing these days full time (not an easy task since 9-11). I also still enjoy street performing but do so mostly at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore where it is organized and one must audition to be in the program. I have been very fortunate in getting work as most of it is from word of mouth or those who have seen me perform as I have little self promotion material.

Thank you fellow unicyclists for not revealing my identity as I have already had a few stalkers in the street performing “business”.

Again, I apologize for the “cards”. If you don’t receive your cards & stickers in the next few weeks contact me directly (please NO NEW REQUESTS).
PO Box 3521
Washington, DC 20007

Unicycle Lady
“A Smile is a Wondrous Thing”

I met her too, right after I decided to learn to ride my unicycle. In hindsight it was a very good omen.

She was sitting on top of a HUGE hard-tired wheel - must have been at least a 42" or 44", possibly more - at mid-span on Key Bridge. She was hanging onto the rail and looked a bit lost. I was rolling past on one of my bikes and commented on her unicycle (the first I had ever seen in DC). She asked if I knew the way down to the river. I said sure, and we rode/walked down to the river together (there are staircases). I still remember her “Whoa Nellie!” as she rode that wheel down a surprise (to her) 6-7% grade. (Ok, I screwed up. How was I supposed to know big unicycles were hard to ride downhill!) I was very impressed when she came to a stop and pivoted 90 degrees to the right to make a tight right turn.

I thought she was going to put some serious miles on and head to Bethesda, but she wanted to see the waterfront. We chatted a bit and I asked about learning to ride. She said, “you can use a wall or you can use friends. Friends are better.”

OneFiftyFour, I can understand the crush. She’s a gem. If I ever see her again I’ll tell her you are interested. :slight_smile: