It's a Small (unicycle) World After All

I took a long weekend and went to Virginia Beach with my family. I thought it would be fun to bring my Coker and ride the long flat Boardwalk as where I live it’s all hills. I was lucky and got a parking space within 1 block of the boardwalk. I crossed the walk pushing my Coker to put down my gear on the sand and someone shouts, “Hey, nice Coker”.
It turned out to be the guy I saw do a juggling act the night before at the 25th Street stage. His name is Dan (one of the NONAME JUGGLERS) and his sister is Christy who is the world champion freestyle unicyclist if I understood him correctly. She’s also on the Bedford T shirt.
I thought it was amazing that I had my uni out of the car for about 2 minutes and met someone who knew the TCUC gang. Oh yeah - riding the boardwalk was alot of fun.