It's a "LOVE-FEST!"

This HAS to be a first! I was doing my usual afternoon muni ride and enjoying the endorphin rush, when I passed some kids who were walking home from school. As I approached them on the dirt trail, (there’s also a paved road and a street that runs parallel to the trail) I could hear them saying things like, “that’s cool”, and “Whoa!”. Right as I passed by them, one yelled out to me, “I Love you man!”, about two or three times. Before I could respond, two people in a car (traffic was heavy so there was a long line of cars moving about as fast as I was riding) hearing the kid, also yelled out “I love you too!”. Before long, like a domino effect, EVERYBODY within ear shot (mostly in cars) seemed to get into the act and soon the air was awash in a symphony of I LOVE YOU’s! I finally got mine in there at the and and yelled, “It’s a Love-fest!” I thought that was pretty dang cool!. A nice change of pace from people yelling obscenities at each other! :smiley:

Wow, love must really be in the air. =p

Ive only had a few times where people would say a comment like that, but ive never had it become a domino affect like that, must of felt great!

It was a nice surprise! Sure is a lot better than the usual, “Hey, where’s your other wheel?” Ha,ha,ha, ha!:stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe you had a special cologne on today? Lol. Yeah sometimezs the normies(non-unicycling folks) can get wierd like that.

To borrow a phrase from “Seinfeld”: “Not that there’s anything wrong with that” Lol. No cologne, just o-natural…and maybe a little baby powder! A little later in my ride, some girls asked if I was in the paper a while ago, and I said yeah. Then the girl said to her friend, “I KNOW that guy!” I thought that was funny.

Well there ya go…Everyone loves babies!:smiley:

That’s a good one!:smiley:

they’re not “normies,” they’re muggles…

And im not a unicyclist im a broom rider :roll_eyes:

tons of girls say that to me every day… thats not anything out of the ordinary:p :wink:

chokeHahahachoke That was good Man.

yeah… im gonna leave for the school promotion dance(with my girlfriend:( )

if i HAD ONE

Well of coue you dont have ONE, a studdly stud like you must have 5…Maybe even 6? Lol:D

That’s great! I love positive comments. Today, coming off the trail, I had a DNR officer say “hats off to you, the guys aren’t going to believe this” as he took some digital camera shots of me on my mUni. Then he took his hat off to scatch his head and he had a mohawk!

Yeah, that tends to happen when your featured in an episode of “America’s Most Wanted!” Game, set, MATCH!

well the dance was ok… i think i made some girl berak up with his girlfriend! haha…