Its 00.02 onthe 20th of march

Its now 00.02 GMT on the 20th of march. Still no clickable link! frustration. I want to go to bed. I’m tired, its late.


Now 00.10, have managed to fill in form, but can’t get it upload…aarrgh.

At Last. 00.36. the site accepted my reservation. I was just working out what fax number to send a screen shot too… maybe some one sensed I was about to annoy thier fax machine.

See you in tokyo.


Congratulations on getting the UNICON XII NYC reservation system to finally accept your application three minutes before in would accept ours! A very frustrating 39 minutes for us.

Tom Daniels & Karen Rabideau

Frustration all over now. I came home from work tonight to find an e-mail from Mayumi waiting , and our reseration worked, we have got the room resvered OK, phew.

I guess it was just us couples that were needing to get applications in first thing, there are lots of 4 bedded rooms:-)



Between reading that there were only twenty two-person rooms available in the Westerners building and the 40 minute delay in getting the site to accept our form we didn’t even try to get a two-person room. We reserved a four-person room instead. We’ve found a young woman who is with our local team to take one of the spare beds. We may end up leaving the fourth bed empty to make space for luggage, computer equipment, unicycles etc.