Italy: Riding with (bi)cyclist

Hi guys,
It seems that I haven’t already shared the following video with you.

It’s a one day xc ride, in the hills near Verona (you know, Romeo and Juliet…), filmed this July.
It was a very nice ride, 41 km and 1000+meters uphill.

Two peculiar things:

-it was my first ride with me on the uni and all the buddies riding a double wheeled unicycle (a.k.a bicycle)

-I’ve used a wearable gymbal, on the helmet. The result is amazing! (a little bit painful after hours of riding)



Wow! What a ride. Fantastic roads and trails, awesome scenery… and marvelous riding. Thanks for sharing.

Awesome - what unicycle were you riding?

My G29! It’s a KH frame, schlumpf Gear, double hole cranks