Italian uni riders

I’ll be in Florence, Italy for the next couple weeks attending a film/music
program and although my unicycle is left behind I thought it would be cool
to meet up with some Italian unicyclists. Have any of you ridden in front of
the leaning tower, in Pisa? I was thinking I could bring a bunch of my
classmates somewhere, open to suggestions and perhaps on a weekend
afternoon, and meet up with the local uni riders :wink:

I’m from New York City and New Jersey, and ride sometimes with people from
this newsgroup and the forums like David Stone, Joe, Nave, and Scott
Muniac… though not as often as I’d like. I have been practicing though on
my DM ATU, staying in shape and progressing.

I’ll watch the newsgroup in the coming days and probably post from… thx!


Try contacting Martino at :

Via degli Alfani 4R (angolo Borgo Pinti) a FIRENZE - Aperto dal Martedì al Sabato
Orari: 11.00-13.00 e 16.00-19.00 - Chiuso Domenica e Lunedì

I chanced upon his shop by accident when I was there for a weekend this year. He and some of his friends are very keen unicyclists.

Leo White

Re: Italian uni riders

Hi Lester. I’m Italian, I’m a uni rider, unfortunately I live some 400-500
km away (by cyling routes) from Florence.

> Try contacting Martino at :
… He and some of his friends are very keen unicyclists.
> Leo White

I’ve contacted Martino via his site messaging service and invited him in
this forum.
Hope this helps,