Italian boy whit a standard unicycle and a bad translator :)

Hello i am an Italian boy, here in Italy I know nobody that play monocycle and don’t exists community with a forum and FAQ, from 3 months that practical of the monocycle with turn out to you enough good, very appeals to to me to jump on the sidewalks and from modest heights, it very appeals to to me to go in the forests and to make a little freeride in ropes, I make all this with a monocycle standard from 130€ now I would want to acquire of one better, you what advised to me?

they are spiacente for this translator who dont works very well

all the ones on this page

except for the nimbus and the qu-ax beginners unicycle, the ones on this page are very good

That may be the most amusing thing i have ever read on this forum. not in away that is offensive to yourself
my advice would be to check the internet for bike groups or anything in your area, sometimes they have the odd unicyclist. Also check out any circus groups in the area, thats were i started. put an add in the paper.
as for the unicycle i am not really sure what is available in your area but someone else on the forum will surely have that knowledge

I have learned the basic techniques and hour I would want to progress and to improve, I have truly watched but here in Italy the practiced monocycle dont have, I wanted to buy a koxx trial but in Italy it costs here 370€ approximately 390$!!! I wanted to know if with this monocycle I can also make the muni

You can do muni on a trials unicycle, but most people use a bigger wheel (usually 24" or 26").



Sul questo sito italiano c’e un forum per discutere il monociclismo:

I monocicli per Muni e per trials sono veramente diversi, forse puoi migliorare quello che tu hai un po’ per fare Muni, e comprare un Koxx per trials?


Anche qua:



In order to get in contact with other Italian Unicyclist:

During these months some people from this site are thinking about to found the first Unicycle Italian Association, off course everybody is welcome.
You can find all the detail in