It will look ugly!

Some of you know that about 2-4 weeks ago the thread that I made “Multi Wheeled unicycles” and now as time is coming closer to get the 2 extension kits, im deciding whether to get a basic uni from a bike shop or an axis 20" from The thing is if i get an axis uni and connect double wheel ext kit(s) to it, i the unicycle will look UGLY because one tyre is white and the other(s) are black. My mum said that if they were all white it would look good. Personally I don’t like the look fo the axis and it is a learner unicyicle where as the one from my local bikeshops, the unicycle is just a 20" “Unicycle” if you know what I mean and it has a full black tyre and would look better.
(I need a new unicycle because my old one is over 2 years old and is terrible and damaged, it would also look better for street performing)
So what should I get?

AXIS 20"

Unicycle from bike shop, somethign like this but the real thing does look better, it has better pedals and a viscount saddle and just looks a bit better in general

The doubel wheel ext kit(s) that will be connected to make multi wheeled unicycle(s)

If you swap the tyres around so that the white one is in the middle then I think it’ll look alright.

You could even get a black marker pen and put > > > on the whitewall tyre so that the audience can see that the middle wheel is going backwards!

But at the end of the day, just buying one extra (black) tyre isn’t going to break the bank.


or even nicking one off a scrap BMX at the local dump. I like the idea of the whitewall tyre on the middle wheel though.

Yeah get the axis uni as it’s what the extension was made to be put onto, but get a new tire if you don’t like the white one.

A black tire is probably about 5-10 bucks.

Or, you could leave the white one on top, and scrawl ‘Gangster’ a few times on it. That’d look pretty gangster lol. I would then recomend my frame design i was going to make, which looks like it’d be off of a pair of k2 public enemies. (if you freestyle ski, or ski in general, you should know what the graphics on those look like)

IMO, it’d look WAY cool with the white tire in the middle. You could even write a story in the white (the way the wheel would be going of course), so if someone was close enough to read that wheel when you were riding, they’d have a story.

Second thought - write a biography on it, and just leave it hanging and stuff, so in time you could complete more of the bio.

Or… Get a different colored tire for another wheel, and make it look super crazy.

But I still think the axis in general looks worse than one from the bike shop but then again…