It was raining today so I...

decided to try my unicycle with some 170mm crank. I found some old mountainbike cranks (both left!) and I thought I’d give it a try cuz I’ve never used anything other than 125’s. I know that you shouldn’t used two left cranks cus the pedal wioll strip, but they are old and not getting used for anything cus they are crap. Also, I just wanted to give it a try and not actually keep it like that. Anyway, I need something to ride whilst my current cranks are completely twisted!
I also had my first try at wheel walking, which is possibly not the best thing to try when it’s raining!

Are you not going to indulge us with your thoughts about how well the 170 cranks went? I assume you put them in a 20" uni, in which case I can imagine it would have made for a very bouncy ride. On a 24" you’d be set for some muni though.


Sorry, I should really have put it all in one post!
Yeah, I put them on a 20". It made for, what I would call, close riding! I caught my toes on the floor a few times! I didn’t adjust my saddle either and it still rode ok.
All in all it was a good experience. I can see how it would help to have slightly longer cranks if you were going to do a lot of unhill riding, but generally I’d stick pretty close to 125’s! I’d like to try the next size up or down from 125’s to see what the difference is.

It sounds like your saddle is too low with the 125s on then. You want to raise it at least 2 inches!

(Oh, and order a pair of 89mm cranks, just for comparison! :slight_smile: )


If I had the money to do so then I would!
The seat is low cuz I’m doing quite a bit of trials/street and learning to hop SI.
I need some new cranks but can’t decide which to have. What’s going to be strongest, aluminium or steel?
I’ve noticed that almost all the decent trials/street unis you can buy from UDC come with aluminium cranks. Is this a strength/ride issue or a weight issue?

I’ve just spotted a pair of 102s on eBay right now;
99p can’t be too far our of your budget, can it? :slight_smile:


WOW! Thanks soo much Monkey. I think I might just get them if the price stays that low. Even just to give them a go. I’ll let you know how they’ve gone when I get them and give them a go!