it was lame

the other day i was recording some of my freinds uni-ing. i was behind them and recording while riding. (i know, dumb) well i didn’t see a man hole cover and when i rode over it i was thrown foward. i put my hand out to save my self but my camara didn’t make it. it was a brand new digital camcorder. yup.


thats not good, i thougt you were gona say that you didnt see the man hole with out a cover, and you fell down the hole, lol. Not funny. But hopefully you can get your camcorder fixed. goodluck.

You mean a unicycling accident isnt covered by the warentee?
-David Kaplan

well, there still should be footage untill the camera spanked the pave’ right?

lets see it.sure would be cool if it turned in mid air and captured you in the crash.

That’d be great. Let’s just hope that the floppy disk (or whatever your camera used) survived and can be taken out.

the tape is stuck in the camara and i can’t get it out. so i haven’t seen the footage yet. but i’m getting a new camara in a week and then i’ll try to put that footage on here. i bet it looks cool.

you bet it will look cool,you might have to dimantle the thing to get the tape out.soundz like it took a serious hit