It was bound to happen eventually...

Today we went out on another group muni ride. As usual we had a great time and I was very pleased to ride along a round log that was about the same diameter as the ones surrounding parks, 3m long, at one point about 1m above the ground, and slightly wobbly and slippery. I did it twice too! It was great fun and gave me much more confidence with my log riding.

But onto my main point. Tomorrow, I should get my muni back after searching for a bolt for the cranks. I couldn’t wait that extra little bit, so of course one day before getting it back (and therefore not using my 20” for muni) I tacoed my 20” wheel. It was fun though, and I’ve now got something to hang in my room.

I actually just bent and dinted the rim a lot first doing a pretty small drop with an off camber landing from a log ride. After a bending it back into ridable shape and having a good look, I decided it had reached the end of it’s days. When we got back to the park, I finished it off on a drop from a picnic bench. The landing was really soft! So I’m now the proud (in a way, although I’m sort of kicking myself for not holding out an extra day) owner of a tacoed wheel. The whole wheel’s going to need replacing anyway because the hub and cranks and pedals are broken and bent.

There are a couple of pictures in a new “Just Conversation” thread and I’ll soon put some more of our ride in my gallery.


20'' - taco at reserve 1.jpg

I Glad you were ok Andrew. Nice smile for the camera.
By the Way, My Muni is on it’s way here Monday Afternoon. 5/12/2003. Full report on Saturday, 5/17/2003. I Hope.


That’s good news about the muni. Is it arriving before the giraffe? I’m sure you’ve already told me but I’ve forgotten.


I think your giving Kris Holm a run for his money there!

Chat soon…


Good work, Andrew. The advantage of being a wimp rider, like I am, is that I will never have to worry about tacoed rims.



It will arrive with the Giraffe uni. All together.
Chat later this evening. Around 6.30pm tonight.