It Only Takes One--street/flat video

I’m new to the forums and thought I should post my new video. Enjoy!

Great riding, not a huge fan of the music or the editing. I think you’ve got a pretty groovy style though, and I was impressed by some of the longer lines.

I just love your style man i dont know why but i just do! :smiley:

Make more vids :wink: because this one was GREAT!!! :astonished:

I really enjoyed that!

Great job on the tech tricks, I was never able to do them.

I really liked the fakie hop and the fakie 180 down the 4 set. It was interesting to see it in the video because I was just trying those tricks a couple hours ago, also down a 4 set.

You have a lot of potential, keep on riding!

Oh, and I also really liked the music and editing. The soundtrack fit very nicely with the video.

Wow, good stuff man. That surprised me a little :stuck_out_tongue: Keep up the great riding!

I’m not one to use this word lightly, but that was epic.

Where’s the music from? Sounds like something from Deus Ex… :sunglasses:

Thanks for all the great comments. I put quite a bit of effort into this one.

I got the music from a product called Music 2 Hues. I edited a bunch of their orchestra music together.