It Just Got In

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: yeea my new uni

Nice! Might want to try and tighten the pedals a little bit more than what you showed in the video though.

Nice uni, but just curious, why did you get the koxx cranks and not the KH moments that come with the kh trials?

Because it’s a Shameless? Right?



I can’t belive that I just watched a 49 second video of someone putting together a uni…that’s priceless…LOL!

Makes me want a new one.:smiley:

Ok i saw that, but I’m still wondering why you would prefer the koxx cranks over the moments. Are they lighter, stronger or cheaper? Or is just something different to do, with no real quantifiable advantage either way?

I would take a KH over a shameless. IMHO the only thing the shameless has that you might want is the seat post clamp and maybe the rim.

For the less Q-factor and/or shorter crank length option. Those cranks are available in 110’s - faster flips and spins.