IT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN // team koxx one


is the last Team Koxx One video
we made it for Unicon
very complet video with Trial / Street and Flat stuff

Unfortunatly it has not been show in complete at Unicon, the clip was too long :frowning:

I wish you will apreciate it!



Awesome, I gotta’ show that to my son, we have a KH Trials arriving this Friday :smiley:

I have one arriving today!!!

Where’d you get yours?

Hey, you’re an old guy, what are you doing riding a uni :wink:

That’s nice, but this is a k1 thread :roll_eyes:

Doesn’t it just make you feel totally insignificant? :stuck_out_tongue:

Fantastic video, guys! Great tricks, good music, funny parts.

I couldn’t believe how tough some of that riding looks. The wrap/wheel-walk parts are incredible.



This is a great video. I liked the short version at Unicon, but the full version is really cool. Very creative and of course incredible riding.


eerrrgggg…This is taking forever! to load. And by forever i mean its been 2 hrs and its only buffered 37%…Can i watch it anywhere else?

Yeah, check the video forums. Its been up for a while.

I love the dog trials. No pre-hops throughout the whole line. Impressive pup!

yeh you can watch it at which is quite alot quicker.Make sure to click the flv/flash version though otherwise ill will load just as fast (i think).

why is it the last one?


It is latest one, a lot of french speakers mess up with that. In the vid forum thread emile says something like that.

Cool vid, I love the dog driving the van. Nice!

Impressive riding level, nice editing and cool music. Good job Yogg’!:wink: