IT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN // team koxx one


is the last Team Koxx One video
we made it for Unicon
very complet video with Trial / Street and Flat stuff

Unfortunatly it has not been show in complete at Unicon, the clip was too long :frowning:

I wish you will apreciate it!


I downloaded each part of this movie off the koxx one website and i downloaded it all on dialup took me forever but damn it was so worth the wait !!! :smiley:

Last!!! or latest?

as I said in the comment on utv. very great movie. enjoyed it a lot.

Why is it the last koxx-one video? are you working on a new dvd?

and why did you call it “it is not going to happen” ? any special reason?

always like your edeting style, well done.

Nice one. :slight_smile:
Apparently the latest, not the last…

The link is broken :frowning:

Worked fine for me.

Awesome video, the coasting on the ledge and flat parts were awesome!

I loved the part with Loic and Adrien. More awesome flatland from them. And that 360 sidespin to 360 sidespin from SIB was sick!

Some of that stuff they did in that part was crazy good, Ive never seen some of that stuff comboed (?) the way it was. I really want to see the kickflip now…

How about some Bryan Stevens?

I would be really pleased if someone could teel me the name of the music that played while Loic and Adrien were riding.


great video as always from koxx-one!

the editing was sick…very enjoyable

This video gave me a realy “fun” feeling when watching it.
Nice extreme riding with great music.
But I thought that JC did the editing, untill I came to the credits, where it said “Editing: Yoggi”.
Didn’t knew that you could edit like that, great job.

Gui, the name of the song is Gimme tha Power. It’s performed by Molotov. They have some cool songs… I was planning to use one of their songs in my next video.

I can lent you my pendrive with some songs :smiley: See ya in some minutes here! :smiley: