It is going to be sweet, our video will be seen around the school

There is a Video at our school played every friday for the announcements…instead of listening over the intercom…and our ROP/Video Production teacher said that, if we made him a video that he would interview us (us=My friend Jeff and I) and put us in it. This Wednesday he is pulling us out of our third period to interview us and then all the footage should be in. It will be shown at my school this Friday…I can’t wait…it will be sweet.:slight_smile:

sounds good, is the vid containing any uni footage or just the interview? if it is containing footage then that is really good, yet another small step towards more people riding one wheeled bikes :smiley:

Nice one, everyone at your school will be like ‘hey!, theres that cool unicycling kid!’


Or: Look! It’s that weird clown freak :stuck_out_tongue:

haha, cool man, my university newspaper just did a article on me.

HAHA that is sweet dude, it’s amazing how many people look up to us but at the same time most people make fun of us haha

However there will be an interview and also a video of us riding at schools and around our town so I can’t wait.