It is better??

I have on my uni Qu-Ax cross light hub and Qu-Ax 45mm rim.

I´m thinking about buying KH whellset, but i dont know it is much better als my qu-ax whellset ??

I think people are going to have trouble understanding that.

If you’re asking if the KH wheelset is better than whats on the Qu ax cross, then yes it is.

the qu-ax rim is probably better, i havn’t heard of many problems with it.
the KH wheelset is lighter and the hub is stronger.

The KH whellset its better. But its worth to buy if I have a good Qu-Ax whellset??

I’d wait till you beak your current stuff then upgrade.

I agree, if theres nothing wrong with your current ride then there really isn’t any reason to upgrade.

I will give my current whellset to my girlfrend :slight_smile: :smiley:

Will she break it?

no :slight_smile: but they ride preaty good. Not like the best uni girs, but she like to ride and wanna trial uni with large tire :slight_smile:

+1 :smiley:

You do realize you can’t use a KH hub on a Qu-Ax rim or vise versa, right?

If you are talking complete wheelsets, I’d say the KH is better, since it’s wider, although the Qu-Ax may be a bit stronger because of the 48 spokes.

I think the Moment and Yellow hub cranksets are about the same in strength, but the KH is way stronger than the red hub/cranks.