It happened again!!!!!

This evening, I changed the cranks on my MUni back to 150’s as per Scott’s suggestion and headed out to do a quick 4 mile loop around the neighborhood. BTW, the 150’s felt very comfortable after riding the 150 equippped Coker so much lately.
Anyway, I was riding down a small hill about 1/2 mile from the house on my return trip when a big landscaping company truck came around me and abruptly turned onto the next street. The driver jumped out of the truck and called for me to come back.
As I rode up to him, I just had to say it! “You used to ride unicycles, didn’t you?” He quickly responded with a yes and asked if I would let him give it try. He freemounted, wobbled a few feet and asked if I had a few minutes, he’d like to try a few more times. We talked as he practiced and I learned that he last rode about 14 years ago on a regular basis. After about 5 minutes, he was riding up and down the street, riding backwards and idling a little, wanting to know where he could buy a unicycle locally.
As I told my wife about my experience, she informed me that my new acquaintence is also my next door neighbor’s yardman!! I guess I’ll have to convince him to take a little time off and go riding with us locals :smiley: :smiley:

what a great story! my 80 year old neighbor (who is also a former CIA agent) told me he used to be able to ride when he was young. It hard to believe. They probably didn’t even have unicycles then.


Nice! The exact thing happened to me yesterday! I found out that there’s a guy who lives about 3 blocks away who used to ride. I was doing trials practice in front of my house when he stopped by and said hi. We started talking and he noted I was wearing armour, which he said was a good idea. Then, I did some hopping, and asked him if he ever did anything like it. And to my surprise, he said at one point he wsas able to do picnic tables (ground to table, rubber to rubber)! Then he complained about his wheel, and I asked if he had splined. It turns out he rides almost exactly the same muni wheel as me! AND, on top of that, I’ve been looking for a place where I can do some machining for a SH-like muni frame, when he told me he owns a shop with an aluminum (and everything else, of course) MIG welder and a smally milling machine! He made his muni frame himself. We’re planning on making a few aluminum frames, and I’m hoping to make myself a new trials frame (the Onza crown is a knee-knocker). So, I too met someone in the neighborhood who rides the same kind of stuff as me. That brings to 3 the number of serious trials riders within 20 miles of me, and brings to five the number of unicyclists in the neighborhood, although one I’m out of touch with, and another is no longer riding. But still, there are lots of riders nearby.

Kenny - I saw the title and thought “OH NO, he’s gone and bashed his hand AGAIN”. It was such a relief to see that you’ve found another riding buddy. :slight_smile:



Sorry 'bout that, didn’t mean to alarm you:) :slight_smile:
It’s just that this is the 3rd or 4th time I’ve had someone in a automobile go out of their way to ask if they could try one of my uni’s. It just seems so odd, it NEVER happened to me when I was on a bike :smiley: :smiley:

Unicycles have been around since 1870 or so. But according to what I’ve heard, there weren’t any commercially made ones until the 1940s (Nissen). And those were probably expensive. I’ve never seen one, or even a picture, but JeanPaul Jenack tells me they used to be made. It may be written up in old issues of the USA Newsletter.

JeanPaul’s father Bill Jenack, the founder of the USA and Newsletter editor for the first few years, started riding in 1933. So he, and probably your neighbor, made their own from bike parts.

I met a deaf and blind woman a few years ago who told me she used to ride a unicycle when she was a kid (before losing her “senses”). She grew up in the South Bronx and said a group of kids in her neighborhood all rode around back in the 40s.