It had to be done, sorry

I was trying to ignore Lewis’ suggestion of tie fighter noises in this thread, but we’ve just watched Star Wars, and well… it just kinda happened. (DivX 5, 1.1MB)

Sorry… :roll_eyes:

Phil, just me

Sounds natural to me

Oh, Phil, that rocks! Well done!

After seeing that add-on, I think Harper should definitely consider developing a built-in soundtrack capability for Blue Shift…

(rolling on the floor with suppressed mirth)

I don’t see a problem with it. Keep up the good work!

dang! I forgot to attach the pic I just took to put in my reply :frowning:

My powers are weak



oh my GOD that is funny

Thats painful wheni do it on my pedals, they have pins, a good hole in my foot is noticable. :astonished:


Who was the HUNK in that video? Why didn’t his clothes burst into flames? Are they asbestos?

I don’t know, but oooooo that hair!

I’m going for a cold shower.

Phil, just me