It Came Today!!!

So heres a bit of back story, i ordered my befrod light rials about a weeka ago today and i have been anxiously waiting for it to come. i sent darren an e-mail on friday snd he promptly rpeplied telling me that my order had been recieved and that my new uni would be here on tuesday or wednesday.

So today i sat in my morning classes just waiting for that lunch bell to ting and i would be off home.

when that bell rang i ran home as fast as i could only to find that my new uni had not arrived. Slightly dishearted i sat down for lunch(mmmm soup!).

as i was on my way out locking the door i heard my buzzer ring, i was extatic, i quickly threw the door back open and ran to the intercom. and a mans voice came through saying"hello, ups here witha parcel for phillip" as quick as that he was at my door and i was signing the papers for my parcel. i ripped that box into a million pieces befor you could say “uni” and there it was my new bedford trials.

i spent the next 10-20 mins putting it to gether then i realized that i was now late for my afternoon classes.

i went to my class and what luck! My after noon class had been cancelled due to teacher illness. so now im home admiring my new toy and writting this article to tell you all how excited i am!


sweet, what an awsome coincidence about school being canceled or whatever!





lol, thats awesome you got it =p, i just got my torker dx yesterday and today i get to give it its “testing” lol

i get to “test” tommorow cuz its crazy cold out right now. sorry guys i dont have any pix cuz i broke my camera but i will try to get some pix soon

can you tell us the components? cause im thinking of buying that one

component list:

  1. bedford 20x3 frame(chrome w/ red flames)
  2. 3 bolt heavy duty seat post clamp(black)
  3. 22.2 steel seatpost
  4. stock bedford seat(pretty crappy for trials but you can upgrade to a kh for $50 more
  5. 19" alex dx 32 rim
  6. 20x2.50 luna trials tire(sweet tire, very grippy)
  7. cotterless steel hub

altogether $200 = $20 for over night shipping.

it was here exactly one week to the day of me sending my letter.

[EDIT]i just modded it, i changed the bedford frame for a unicrown frame of my 2005 norco. it just fits but fit it does. now the bedford frame is home to my old wheelset, its going to be my new freestyle uni.

sorry i forgot… it came with welgo platform resin pedals too…theyre pretty strong.

do you know if you can upgrade the hub/cranks to the KH/Onza cranks

I am pretty sure you can’t as the KH uses 42 mm bearings and the frame sounds like it is designed for a 40 MM bearing (stock on almost all if not all cotterless hubs), you can upgrade to profiles though as they come with a 40 MM bearing… or rather can get you 40MM bearings.

yes you can but it will cost you quite a bit more…the bedford with cotterless cranks is 200 the bedford with kh hub/crnks and a kh seat is 500. go to and click on the downloadable pricelist and its all there…or you can just call or e-mail him.

i got to ride this sweet piece of work today and man i gotta tell ya it was incredible, i was hopping higher than before and i loved it . ive got my tire around 30-35 psi because im a kinda heavy guy and i dont wanna snakebite the tube. if your looking for a good begginer trials uni then i would without a doubt recomend the bedford light duty trials.

r u getting splined hub put on??? or any thing else??? … now i no longer have a bedford light uni any more cuz i put the kh/onza hub and cranks and i have the kh seat on it… so wat is it called then?? bedford medium???

its just called a bedford with kh hub and cranks now i guess lol. but no not now i dont have the moolah. but darren said that when im reday for my new hub/cranks he’ll give me a discount:)