It came today!

I got my new red Wilder today! Sun double-wide rim. 3" Gazz. Primo magnesium super tenderizer’s. Black rim, spokes and cranks, which are 175’s(I’m lanky and like them for all the steep stuff I do). I’ve got a carbon fiber seat base for it with the SH handle, but I need to pad and upholster that before mounting it, so for the moment I’ve robbed the Velo seat from my Torker DX. I took it out today to a little hill that we use for Pecking practice,and was impressed with it. The Gazz grabbed the slippery surface better than my 3" Duro on my 26" muni. And it is just so much lighter and more solid! I reduced my best number of hops up from 10 to 7!

I had to show it off at work tonight. People are impressed with the “pretty” red color and fat tire more than anything else. Profile doesn’t mean anything to them. But I rode over the landscaping rocks around the hospital and off of the (steep) hill form the heli-port pad and they thought it was pretty neat, or they were really being nice to me, I don’t know which.

I would have posted a picture, but my computer literate son isn’t home tonight. Tomorrow.

Excellent! You will love it. The looks, light weight and solid feel are great, and the investment will make you ride better just to prove it was worth it. :wink:
Someone else just got a new Wilder also… stay tuned.


Would that be to go with their new knee? :sunglasses:

No, my very experienced Wilder is doing just fine. I refer to a wilder Wilder. I can say no more.

What do you mean, you can say no more?! You’re stringing us along, man! Let’s have it out! Get it off your chest and you’ll feel better! You’ve made some sort of committment, haven’t you? If it’s not for sure yet, you can tell us! Or is it that the wife doesn’t know yet? She thinks it cost just a little more than the Torker? Spit it out!

I am sorry, I shouldn’t have said anything and I don’t want to hijack your thread. It is not mine, just wait a couple of days.
Anyway, enjoy your new muni, it’s a nice one. I look forward to the picture.

Yeah, let’s get back on track: Where’s that picture!!??


Elmer, I see you are a registered nurse. Meet Tomblackwood, registered nut.:stuck_out_tongue: (at least he registered)

Yes, I am and sick patients keep getting in the way of my forum conversations! It’s a bad night. I’ll post a pic tomorrow.

the pic

Here it is in all its’ glory. And that thing on top of it is me. I’m trying to hold on as it takes off! My son tried to give me a little hair with the smudge feature. :astonished:

Yep, that’s the only problem with a unicycle that light. It is hard to keep it on the ground. :slight_smile:
I am hoping you wear more gear than that when you aren’t doing a photo shoot. And I don’t think your son really did you a favor on the hair. :wink:
It’s a nice looking Wilder, have fun with it.


hey, when I edited it the image was so small that I couldn’t really tell what was goin’ on! It looked fine when it as it’s original size of like, 2x2 cm!

It’s been over 100 degrees here the past few days. I’ll risk the scars over certain death by heat-stroke! Thanks for the encouragement, reminding me of what a wise investment I’ve made:D

Re: It came today!

If you wanted to impress non-unicyclists you could have saved a lodda, lodda money. :slight_smile:

A Wilder is all about impressing you, and your unicycling buddies. Yours looks almost identical to mine. As the owner of a coveted red Wilder, you have one of the coolest possible unicycles!

It’s a shame that the bombproof Sun Doublewide and the beefy Gazz tire add so much weight, it makes it hard to tell how light your frame is. I hope to have someone make me an alloy seatpost for mine. But I’m keeping the heavy wheel. I like the idea that it’s pretty much beyond my ability to destroy it.

100 degrees out? It was 98 on Monday and I rode the 8.1 miles home. So what? Aren’t we lucky to have low humidity? I guess I wasn’t wearing any pads on my legs either. You don’t need a helmet for high hops for a photo.

Enjoy your new ride!