it burns!

You should all know what I’m talking about by now. My thighs always hurt after riding and are sore the next day. I tried on a pair of biker shorts but they were incredebly hot (not that kind of hot, I’m a man) and, um, confining. Are there any cooler kinds of bike shorts? How about other strategies for avoiding “crotch burn”?

you can buy BUTT’r, it’s a lubricant you put on your thighs for distance cycling. I’ve never used it, but I’ve heard of it.
are you a new rider? if so, then you could also try enduring the pain for a week or so and eventually you totally won’t feel it any more. except for rides longer than aboot, eh, 6 miles? or so.

Lube er up! Stuff like that, or any other type of chamios lube works well. Likely you can fild it at your LBS. If you are a n00b, this will go away once you get better and is just from not being used to riding. You may also want to try an airseat.


A product called Creamy Vaseline, found in the diaper dept of you local store works wonders. It comes in a yellow/ white tube.

Here’s a thread about “the problem”

Are you a beginning, or relatively new rider? As you get more comfortable riding, your legs will squeeze the seat less. Is it a normal seat? An uncomfortable seat? Better yet, what kind of seat is it?

Are you riding indoors? Otherwise you shouldn’t be hot riding outdoors in Michigan in early March! :slight_smile:

Give another pair of bike shorts a try. Though they’re supposed to be snug, they should be comfortable as well.

I’ve only ever had this when I was learning. I have a viscount and almost died but I started to not happen at all. Even on long rides I dont get it at all. I’m not sure why. I think I’d actually get it more them most people the way I’m built:D . I do have a question about this that I didnt see an answer that I read in that other thread. Do you need to wear bike shorts to use most of this? Will it make like boxers really nasty?

The burn is caused by lactic acid. When muscles go unused they store up lactic acid. When you use muscles that you are not used to using, the muscles release the lactic acid and that causes a “burn.” As you unicycle more, it will go away.

Unless, you are talking about the burning on your thighs caused by your pants. In that case, I would go with the advice given earlier.

Wrong answer. It’s caused by simple friction. CHAFAGE.

Hey, you live in Kalamazoo!

I go to school there. You should ride Western’s campus. I’ve been dying to hit up the urban trials lines I’ve ridden there. Spring needs to get here sooner! I get out April 22…but before then, you’ll see me all over that campus, especially night, when it gets warmer out.


it depends on what kind of ‘burn’ he’s talking about. The kind of burn you get from climbing a long steep hill on a Coker with 125’s is caused by lactic acid. However, I’m thinkin’ this guy is talking about the chafing kind of burn.

Re: it burns!

In my case as a beginner the soreness was caused by several things. I had one of those evil saddles that was as wide in front as in back (the kind with the metal bumper-rails under the ends), with a cross-section that was not exactly a paragon of ergonomic design. This was made worse by my clenching the saddle in a death-grip with my thighs as new riders tend to do. I eventually got a new uni with a better seat and became a more relaxed rider, both of which relieved that part of the issue. Wearing “boxer briefs” instead of, um, tighty-whities greatly reduced another problem, which was the leg-hole hems migrating upward and wedging into uncomfortable places and chafing. I don’t see myself ever wearing bike shorts - too hot worn under something else, too silly-looking by themselves.

Bike shorts work for me. But, ya, they are kinda hot, especially when you wear them under pants.

There are lighter weight and cooler BIKE UNDERSHORTS. Same crotch pad as bike shorts, but lighter weight material elsewhere. They’re meant for wearing under pants or regular shorts. Check 'em out, they’re comfy and cooler. You can buy them at Nashbar, Performance, and probably at your LBS.