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Today, Friday 11-7-03 Channel 8 News of Des Moines, IA visited the Iowa State Campus to film a few of us Unicycle Club members and ask us a few questions. I have the video posted as well as some pictures form within at the following gallery.



Nice interview. Thanks for the link, Brian.

That was nice coverage–and good riding. We’ll have to find a way to get together some time this winter for ice riding. Your website mentions a t-shirt, but I didn’t see one? Photo please.

David Maxfield
Mitchell, SD
Has anybody seen my mountain???

Very nice news segment and a good job on the video capture. Pitty about that high speed UPD at the end, but style points for the landing. :wink:

Are Mac and Linux useres able to play the video? The audio is Windows Media Audio 9 and the video is Windows Media Video 8. I don’t think Microsoft has released a Mac version of Windows Media 9 yet. I’m pretty sure the Linux folks aren’t going to be able to play it. You might want to make an MPEG-1 version of the video available for the Mac and Linux users. TMPGEnc is a free MPEG-1 encoder that can convert the video.

Excellent. When I was a freshman I did the UPDs without the uni. More embarassing with no excuse!

First, the T-Shirt design is not quite finished yet but should be by the end of Thanksgiving Break. We will post the design on the site then.

Second, I have a mpeg file available, but for some reason won’t allow me to upload it, they say that 23mb is too big, but for all you Linux users I will try my best to do that for you.


Files over about 17 MB have problems uploading to the gallery. If you can FTP the file to a public place where Gilby can access it, he can copy it into the gallery for you. Email Gilby and see what he suggests.

Will do, but I won’t be able to this weekend, I am heading home. Give the MOV file that I put up a try, hopefully that will work for you.

Brian, George, and the other ISUUC members,

Great job! That was some great publicity for your club. The news guy was actually riding pretty well.

Brian, it looked like you were sliding to a stop when you crashed. That was AWESOME!!!

Thanks for posting the video and pictures.


Yes, it works on a Mac OSX machine.

About the interview - Well done!! Even the crashing went well. (Hope the scuff marks aren’t too bad.)

I’m really impressed with the reporter, too.

I’m all good. I run Windows and the WMV files are OK for me. But there are some Mac users and one or two Unix and Linux users who will appreciate the QuickTime and/or MPEG video formats.

I’m going to have to follow my own advice and make MPEG versions of the videos I have in my Monster gallery. I didn’t know how to make MPEG files back when I encoded those videos, but now I do.

Re: ISUUC - Channel 8 News

>lilschu wrote:

>> Will do, but I won’t be able to this weekend, I am heading home. Give
>> the MOV file that I put up a try, hopefully that will work for you.

john_childs <>

>I’m all good. I run Windows and the WMV files are OK for me. But there
>are some Mac users and one or two Unix and Linux users who will
>appreciate the QuickTime and/or MPEG video formats.

There are at least five to ten million desktop users of UNIX and Linux.
In addition, there are about 200 to 400 million users of UNIX and Linux
servers. John, one or two UNIX and Linux users? Who are you trying to
kid? :slight_smile:

Cross check that with the unicycling population, probably 1 unicyclist
in 1000: We have 5000 to 10,000 unicyclists that use UNIX and Linux on
the desktop (or laptop), not the one or two that John suggests. :slight_smile:
Sorry, John, I guess I just count differently than you. :slight_smile:


Ken Fuchs <>

Re: Re: ISUUC - Channel 8 News

I should have put a tongue-in-cheek emoticon after my comments about the number of Unix and Linux users. ;^) :wink:

The good news is that Microsoft just released Windows Media Player 9 for Mac OS X so now the Mac OS X users can play all of the Windows Media files. But that still leaves out the Unix, Linux, and Amiga users.

The best way to make sure that everyone can play the videos that are posted is to make two versions of the video available. Make one version an MPEG-1 and the second version one of the MPEG-4 flavors like QuickTime MPEG-4, DivX MPEG-4, or Windows Media 9. The MPEG-4 flavor will be both smaller and higher quality while the MPEG-1 flavor will be there for people who can’t play the MPEG-4 version.

There were no scuff marks on me which blows my mind, although I riped the gloves a little at the palm. Even my pants survived without a mark. I feel that it was the most amazing fall that I have ever had sliding like that on pavement without hurting one bit!

As for the reporter, he was really cool about everything and just had a great respect for the sport. He still didn’t grasp the concept of Mtn. unicycling very well, but I think he gets what he needs to get.

Re: Re: Re: ISUUC - Channel 8 News

I cringe at this type of “good” news. :sunglasses:

Re: ISUUC - Channel 8 News

On Sat, 8 Nov 2003 23:17:23 -0600, john_childs
<> wrote:

>But that still leaves out the
>Unix, Linux, and Amiga users.

And more. The family of a friend of mine use an Archimedes Acorn as
their primary computer.

Oh and I thought that John’s numbers referred to this online community
of unicyclists, rather than to all unicyclists in the world at large.

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

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