ISU Unicycle Club T-Shirts

The ISU Unicycle Club would like to extend our T-Shirt offer to those outside of the university and take orders for those interested in buying a really cool T-Shirt. Screenprinted on Gildan Heavyweight T-Shirts, they will not disappoint. Please check them out below along with the prices listed. Please add on for shipping costs as well, exact costs for shipping would be determined when shipped.

Front / Back

Prices: Orders Must Be Received By 2/23/2004
1 = $12.00 + Shipping
2 = $20.00 + Shipping
3 = $27.00 + Shipping
4 = $35.00 + Shipping

Email - - to find out more!

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Brian Schuster

Can’t hardly pass that up. Great price for a T-Shirt. Especially one that relates to Uni. How do you want payment? DO you take paypal? Or would a check be preferred?

I sent you an e-mail for one.

I do have a Paypal account if that works. Otherwise email me if you want an address to send it to. Actually anyway you do it, email me and I will get you the needed information.

Thanks for the interest, as I have told everyone else who has responded we will be ordering the shirts next Tuesday so it is important to get what you want in before hand. Expect a 2-3 week processing period for them to make them, and as soon as we get the shirts we will send them out to you with whatever shipping method you wish.

Brian Schuster


Were did you order the shirts from?

what did u say?

Maybe he’s the beastie wha go bump in the dark.:wink:

Check is in the mail. No really it is.

Any updates on the shirts?


ah man. Here I was the sole unicyclist in Iowa City, while ISU’s got enough unicyclists to run a club.

ISUUC Shirt Update

So those of you who contacted me via email have a shirt dedicated with your name on it on order and as soon as we get them in we will let you know via email as well.

The shipping of the shirts will happen ASAP, basically when they reach my hands they will be put into their proper packaging and sent away!!

Thanks to all of those who helped us reach a great level of sales. If anyone still wants a T-Shirt that did not contact me, I will let you know who to contact later, but the prices will be different and will not be through the club.


Any idea when you may be making a trip to dubuque after you receive the shirts? For your clubs trip to FDR or sumthing?

By the way I made a trip out to FDR while the snow was melting and my little car got stuck in the mud on that little dirt road right before you get to the trails. We had a fun time pushing/pulling/driving it out. Shes a dirty car now. Good time htough.