Issue 3 of Uni - The Unicycle Magazine and $3,000 prize survey

If you’re a subscriber your copy is on its way. If you’re in the UK and the wind is in the right direction it may already be with you!

Also we’ve teamed up with to give you the chance to win a share of prizes worth US$ 3,000!!! Just go to to complete the survey online.

Prizes are:
4 winners of US$ 500 worth of vouchers to spend at the branch of your choice worldwide.
10 winners of six-issue subscriptions to Uni - The Unicycle Magazine (if you already have a subscription we’ll extend it by 6 issues).
12 winners of limited edition Uni Buffs.

The survey closes on the 15th of September 2007 and winners will be announced in issue 6 of Uni.

We hope you enjoy this issue and a huge thank you to everyone who has contributed in any way - from those who buy the magazine to those who contribute articles and photographs, to those involved directly with the magazine. It couldn’t be done without you!


Cool. I just puked up all my personal information for you. Please note, though I wasn’t looking until the end, I didn’t see any links to a privacy statement. Many people will be wary to give up their information without a more direct statement about where their information will, and will not, be used. This is probalby best provided as a link to a privacy statement in a separate window or tab, so it doesn’t take the user out of the survey. It’s most important to be available at the beginning, and especially on the last page of the survey.

Along those same lines, kudos to you for having the two opt-out checkboxes not already checked at the end. That’s the way it should be!

I agree with John about the privacy statement but I’ve completed it anyway.

And I’m waiting patiently for issue 3 to fall through the letter box :slight_smile:

Mine arrived this morning, and as usual is packed with the same unicycle goodness as ever. Particularly like the cartoons on the ‘alternative unicycle sports’ article, and the article on Union.


Mine came this morning. The wind must be blowing in the right direction. (Well it’s always blowing anyway)

I just put all my personal information in.

my favorite part was the

“would you like to receive other stuff we think you’d like?”

We are subject to very strict European laws on personal data, so cannot and would not use personal information without express permission. We’ve made it clearer on the first page.

Many companies offer statements where you have to spend five minutes translating the question in order to decide to tick or not to tick - we’ve kept it simple!

My mom saw and said not to do it because it is not a secure site, and there is no privacy policy. So if you could put up a privacy policy or something then that would be great.

You can trust Mike, he rides a unicycle… seriously though, I filled in the survey myself and ticked the ‘send stuff we think you like’ because I’m always interested in new stuff, I hope this survey helps you and makes Uni even better than it is now.

Thanks for keeping it simple. Also it sounds like you folks in Europe may be a little ahead of us (or a lot) on the privacy stuff. Over here we still have to be paranoid. Maximus’ mom is a good example–sounds like she’s really on top of things!

Mmm. Can’t wait to see the magazine, darned New Zealand postage (although their postal service is probably quicker than their internet).

I think what unicycle magazine really needs is shonkily done ‘Hello Magazine’ style cartoon photo-stories!


Thanks for clearing that up. Now I see the notice about the British Data Act or whatever. Thanks.

Way, way, way ahead would be better! The California secretary of state until recently sold data which contained social security numbers and signatures without the subject’s permission. Any company we deal with in the USA has to be individually approved, even Argentina has adequate data protection!

Ouch! I read the article and it focused on loan records. If those were home loans, Jacquie and I could have been compromised! :astonished: Lovely. I expect mistakes like this will go on for a few years until everyone figures it out or laws get written better…

PDF Version

Would you ever consider a PDF, or some other electronic version, of Uni?


If I recall my undergraduate lectures correctly, EU states have unified law on data protection - and that law includes a prohibition on sending personal data to any states where this protection is unavailable. It at least used to be the case that US companies wishing to share data with EU companies would have to sign a special agreement to follow the same policies in order to make that transfer legally possible.

All in, it’s pretty good stuff and includes broadly sane provisions for how your data can be used, distributed, archived, etc.