Israel Muni Club

Hi - If anyone in Israel is reading this please call me (Adam) at 052-6111065.

I would like to form an Israeli Muni club. I go riding the trails on a regular basis and have already met and rode with other Municyclists in Israel.

I would like to band us together in order to share shipping charges, carpool to the good trails and to spread the knowledge of Muni skills.


I know that there are others in Israel who muni. There was a guy at Unicon that rode with my son in the extreme downhill. I believe his name was Nimrod.

You guys might consider inviting Eyal Aharoni (“Rabbi Rock”) over. His dad is from Israel (and maybe his mom, I can’t recall). Eyal’s a founding member of the Santa Barbara Muni Club, a peerless Muni rider and a blast to be around.


,שלום אחי
Im a unicyclist from chicago and am currently learning at Hebrew university in Jerusalem. Where do you live? Unfortunately i left my Muni in the USA but i have my 20 trials with me. I would love to ride with you. Supposedly there is a unicycling group that meets up on fridays in tel-aviv. I have one of their phone numbers. Mine is 052-335-5691

Call me or i will call you later today


Yofi! I’m so excited! Adam, I can’t join your club unfortunately - because I’m in California - but that doesn’t stop me from jumping with joy about your new ambition to form the club. A few years ago, I did an internet search on that very topic, looking for riders in Israel, but I guess muni was still just a sparkle in Israel’s eye. So I’m glad to know that the soil of my fatherland is ready to sprout new muni talent. It does make me want to go up there, as the great Vivalargo suggests - but I can only wonder where you ride?? Masada just seems like a bad idea to me. But I can imagine some fantastic trials at the dome of the rock :slight_smile: But seriously, I’m curious where you ride - and if you have any pictures, I’d love to see them!


My goal is to ride down masada before i leave. Down the snake path. Its not so hard if one has a brake. The only problem is the huge set of stairs at the top that is too narrow to hop down. Maybe i will start after that…