ISO Trials Unicycle - I am located in Utah. KH20, Impact, etc

Hey all-

I’m getting back into unicycling after a long hiatus. As I’m learning more trials/freestyle type riding I’ve been pushing the limits of my Torker 20" and I think it’s time to move upwards and onwards!

I’d like to get a used trials unicycle- I don’t need anything insane, but I’d like a good quality unicycle that will last me a while.

KH20, Impact, Nimbus, Mad4One, etc.

Splined cranks are a must. 20 x 2.5 is a must. (19")… I don’t really care if the seat is good, I’ll probably be replacing it one of mine anyhow.

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I have an unridden Summit Trials. It’s a very solid splined hub uni. Considered top of the line in it’s day. Still pretty bombproof by today’s standards.

I’m guessing here that you mean ISIS splined, rather than oldschool straight splined or Q-Axle splined?

Where are you located? I’m pretty interested in this!

I’d be alright with oldschool splined- ISIS would be best obviously, but I just need something stronger than Square Taper haha

I’m in Virginia. Give me a zip code and I’ll see what shipping would be.
The hub was an '03 KH wheelset. The Summit was his prototype for his forthcoming unicycles.

Zip code is 84123

I would send it to you for $275 shipped.

Pretty sure I’m sold on it- but wanted to ask one last thing. What style are the crank splines? I want to be sure I can find different cranks down the road if need be.

They are standard 8 spline cranks. The KH cranks from '03 to I think ‘07 or ‘08, pre isis cranks will fit. You’ll have a pretty hard time damaging these cranks unless you’re doing 6’ drops repeatedly.
I had another Summit just like it and did 4’ drops no problems and I’m 200 lbs.

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