ISO: KH 110/127 cranks

Anyone have a set of 110/127 KH cranks they’d be looking to sell? UDC is sold out and I’m unsure when they will be back in stock at the UK store.

Way ahead of you and no joy at all :crazy_face:

If you have or can get 127/150mm KH Spirit cranks a 3rd hole can be added near 110mm. Also works on other cranks like the 138mm Nimbus Venture.

Thanks for the tip, I think I might just pull the trigger on the 114 VCX triple hole then.

@Dino I’ll send anyone your way because you’ve got first dibs in my mind.

I think the French shop CDK has some 110/127 Spirit cranks left in stock: Manivelles Isis Spirit Disc - Manivelles - CDK

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Yooooo they ship to Canada and it isn’t stupid expensive!

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This may be a stupid question, Sexy, but does UDC in the United States not ship to Canada?

I think it has been discussed a few times there. UDC USA shipping costs to Canada are really expensive so it’s usually cheaper to buy from UK or Europe…

Thank you, Maxence! I had a feeling there was an easy answer. But, I defaulted to “lazy” instead of searching past discussions. It does seem crazy that the shipping from France to Canada would be cheaper than US to Canada. (This is not intended to create any type of discussion. It’s just a comment.)

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I agree with you. It’s probably due to import taxes which are not the same from EU/UK and USA.

Late reply but also 1 Canadian dollar is $0.79 American or €0.74 so stuff is a bit more expensive for us too. Our border people also slap a 13% import duty (comparable to our VAT or HST as we call it) on all the parcels as well.

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