ISO Juggling props

I’m in search of some new (to me) juggling props, balls more so than anything else. I’ve listed below the specific things that I’m looking for the most. However, if you have any juggling props, circus props, or other skill toys that you’re looking to sell, feel free to send me a PM or reply to the thread.

  • Stage balls. Mainly looking for around 70 mm, but all sizes and colors will be considered
  • Play Sil-X Implosion balls
  • Mister Babache Bubble Ball
  • Mister Babache Russian Balls
  • Play MMX Balls
  • Beard DX Juggling Balls
  • Any commercially available Russian Style juggling balls

Have you tried any juggling sites, listserves, egc?

I know it’s an old thread, but if you are looking for cheap Russian juggling balls, I would highly recommend Brontosaurus Balls

At $7 per ball, they’re a hell of a deal.