ISO good used 24

I would like to find a good used Torker DX or Nimbus II
I understand the Torker DX had the ISIS hub so it may very well fit my needs
I have been looking and it seems the Nimbus II is out of stock everywhere
not to mention my funds are being concentrated on other needs right now so new is a ways out still
I’m hoping maybe someone has one of these they would be willing to part with. I wouldn’t care if it needed a tire or a seat as long as the wheelset and frame are solid

There is one on facebook unicycle chat right now.

The DX Torker is notorious for being very heavy though it is strong.That seems to be the way with cheaper unis.

Similar range is Solo XTR model. The description I read included CrMo cranks and a splined alloy hub. Seems an odd combination.

Funnily enough I loaded the image at one site and the file name was TorkerDX2-2.bmp. Is Torker somehow related to Solo?

well I wasn’t getting any response for a good used 24 so I pulled the trigger on a new Nimbus 24 mountain uni, or would that be Muni.


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