What this bloke is trying to say: the “paradise rain association” is searching
for a new or second hand myiata (or anybody you’ll make) a unicycle greater than
6.5M (20ft ?) for their show “the arrosis” (The rained on?) Thanks in advance
for any speedy responses.

Or alternatively alta vista would have told you :

Seek for Association the Rain of Paradie a myiata nine or for occasion and a
monocycle (or one manufacturing) the mono one of more than 6m50 for their
spectacle Arrosis I thank you for giving me infos rapidementet ` bienttt With p’
lustring tool

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Myiata et Très Grand monocycle

  Recherche pour l' Association la Pluie du Paradie un myiata neuf ou
  d'occasion et un monocycle (ou un fabriquant) de mono de plus de 6m50 pour
  leur spectacle Les Arrosis Je vous remercie de me donner des infos
  rapidementet ` bienttt

            A p'luche