ISO: 27.5" Muni

It’s been a number of years since I sold my Surly 24", 26" Muni’s with MountainUni disc brakes (I was an early adopter), and my 36" and 20 uni’s. My intention was to consolidate to a 27.5" KH which was promised to come out later that year. Well, that never happened and now I am ready to jump back into the Muni fray. I still want 27.5" Muni and I would love disc brakes.
Who has one collecting dust or one that would be used to fund another uni project? I don’t have a ton of money right now, but I will consider any 27.5" Muni, I can be crafty with finding money.

Also look at new Mad4Ones.

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Thank you, the price isn’t too bad with shipping, but by the time I add disc brakes we are up to what other 27.5" Muni’s cost. I will keep them in mind if I can’t find a used one for a little less.

Apparently, the trading post isn’t as active as it used to be, this disappointing. I might end up having to buy new, nothing seems to be in stock in the US right now. Bummer.

If your willing to put a little work into one i have most of the components to build a 27.5 MUni.

I bought it from as a fully built unit. Its a oracle but without the disc hub (one of their shop builds) i rode MUni with it for around a year before moving to a 29’er.

Included would be…
-27.5 green dominater 2 rim
-ISIS cro-mo hub (non disc)
-125 mm sun MUni cranks
-27.5 oracle frame with disc tab
-double QR nimbus seat post clamp
-kenda havok pro tire
-50/50 chance i have a seat post. Will check

You would need to complete…
-spokes & nipples
-disc brake

All used for a year so plenty of scratches and finish wear but no damage

ETA: i can keep the hub and you source your own if you set on having a disc brake

It’s definitely something I would think about. Do you have pics? Feel free to PM me them or PM me and I’ll give you my email address.

Honestly, it’s looking like I may have to bite the bullet and buy a new Mad4One 27.5 Muni. I certainly would want the handle saddle. Ugh, now to convince my wife that spending almost $900 is a good idea right now. :slight_smile:
Still open to any used 27.5’s though.


Just tell her that you plan getting either a full suspension enduro bike or a muni. Comparing the prices she’ll try to talk you into getting the muni for 900$

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It’s a really good uni and one you’ll probably never want to sell.
I have never seen any on a second hand market.

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My wife will not be fooled by a false equivalence. :slight_smile:
It’s not the money, it’s the fact that we are paying about $25k for some work to our house and yard this month; so more of a bad timing issue…

Ok, wait a month or make it your own Christmas present

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We’ll see, I think, if I go with the CroMo frame rather than the aluminum, I should be OK, it saves about $200 USD. I could probably justify that and not have it seem excessive :wink:

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IMHO the CroMo frames look nicer, anyway. The extra weight adds to the training effect of every ride. :wink:

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The primary consideration when buying any part of a unicycle, of course :wink:

I do not know about which model are you speaking but if you add the standard brake like all other brand (shimano 4100) the final price including shipment in my opinion is lower than the quality we provide.
Look the price withou UE tax
Quality is important and our level is shown by the results of last 3 UNICON, Male and Female world champions in DH in 2014 2016 2018.
In Korea Male Gold in DH XC UP and I do not remember all the silver and bronze medals.

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Do it! You wont regret it :slight_smile:

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Maybe your wife is feeling left out. Buy her a uni as well and all will be good.


Marco, maybe @MAD4ONE should offer this option Trek used to offer in their shops… :smile:


I have a QaAx 27.5 that’s virtually new. It has Magura rim brake mounts. I have a Magura brake set I can include as well but you’d need the under seat mount. PM me if you’re interested.

What country are you in?