ISO: 27.5" Muni

It’s been a number of years since I sold my Surly 24", 26" Muni’s with MountainUni disc brakes (I was an early adopter), and my 36" and 20 uni’s. My intention was to consolidate to a 27.5" KH which was promised to come out later that year. Well, that never happened and now I am ready to jump back into the Muni fray. I still want 27.5" Muni and I would love disc brakes.
Who has one collecting dust or one that would be used to fund another uni project? I don’t have a ton of money right now, but I will consider any 27.5" Muni, I can be crafty with finding money.

Also look at new Mad4Ones.

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Thank you, the price isn’t too bad with shipping, but by the time I add disc brakes we are up to what other 27.5" Muni’s cost. I will keep them in mind if I can’t find a used one for a little less.

Apparently, the trading post isn’t as active as it used to be, this disappointing. I might end up having to buy new, nothing seems to be in stock in the US right now. Bummer.

If your willing to put a little work into one i have most of the components to build a 27.5 MUni.

I bought it from as a fully built unit. Its a oracle but without the disc hub (one of their shop builds) i rode MUni with it for around a year before moving to a 29’er.

Included would be…
-27.5 green dominater 2 rim
-ISIS cro-mo hub (non disc)
-125 mm sun MUni cranks
-27.5 oracle frame with disc tab
-double QR nimbus seat post clamp
-kenda havok pro tire
-50/50 chance i have a seat post. Will check

You would need to complete…
-spokes & nipples
-disc brake

All used for a year so plenty of scratches and finish wear but no damage

ETA: i can keep the hub and you source your own if you set on having a disc brake

It’s definitely something I would think about. Do you have pics? Feel free to PM me them or PM me and I’ll give you my email address.

Honestly, it’s looking like I may have to bite the bullet and buy a new Mad4One 27.5 Muni. I certainly would want the handle saddle. Ugh, now to convince my wife that spending almost $900 is a good idea right now. :slight_smile:
Still open to any used 27.5’s though.