ISO 26 in Muni

Hey everyone,
Im searching for a used 26 in muni. Preferably in the north carolina area so i can pick it up and not deal with shipping. Let me know if you guys have anything. Thanks!

Hi sorry i have 27.5 " to sell
From france i can send with ebay orther app …

Out of curiosity, I’ve got a 26" wheel in a 24" frame if you’re interested. It can probably fit a 2.3-4 max but it’s an aluminum rim built with strong spokes on an Isis hub. I’d keep the cranks and saddle but can include pedals and the rest.

Would need to be shipped though

Thanks, but i would rather hold out for a 26.

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Thats ok, i would qant a 3 inch tire on it. Thanks though

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