Isle of Wight rider

What’s your name?


Where do you come from?

Moved to the Isle of Wight, UK a year ago from South Africa, Cape Town.

What is your experience of unicycling?

Been riding for 4 years (am 45yrs old), enjoy Muni the most. The mountains are smaller here than Table Mountain but they’ll do, trying to get good at muddy forests.

Bought a 36" a year ago to branch out a bit, and working up to a round-the-island trip if anyone’s interested to join. Might not be this year unless I magically get a lot fitter, distance is approx 120km.

Interested in hooking with anyone else in the area.


Welcome Gareth.
I’m the same age as you and have been riding 4.5 years :slight_smile:

Round the island sounds like a great box to tick! Don’t think i’ll join you (i’m in Australia) but if I was more local I would!

I’m a Brit living & unicycling in Cape Town

there’s always round-Australia, that woud be a nice tick box for a long weekend :slight_smile:

have you got in touch with Donna? She’s the local representative in CT for sales and she coordinates groups and whatnot once a month or so. If not, I’ll send you her details.

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Around Australia is a bit much but I want to do around Taiwan. Route #1. :slight_smile:
We (Australia and Taiwan) have about the same populations!!

I know Donna well

Welcome Gareth! It sounds like you are well into the sport!


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