Isla Vista

Did anyone here antend the isla vista juggling festival, there were a lot
of unicyclers, and wondered if any of them are here. Cool, if you went i
would like to hear your thoughts of the festival. David

Any unicyclists out there? - Isla Vista, CA

Hey, this is Dimitri. A 2nd year at UCSB, bio major, and living in isla vista.
Would love to enjoy some unicycling with another buddy here.
You will see me riding around on the 67 block of Sabado usually at night. Hit me up if you want to have a fun session.
FYI, I am not “experienced” but I can ride backwards, forwards, freemount, idle, and mastering hopping right now!
So yeah contact me! (:

_Dimitri :smiley:

Welcome Dimitri! I am speaking to you from the year 2011. In case you didn’t notice, you were responding to someone from 2001, so don’t be disappointed if you never hear from them. :slight_smile: