selling the following:

barely used, basically brand new 165mm kh moments: 65$ (i bought a nimbus26 a while back with these cranks, rode it for a few days, and now it collects dust. not sure yet if i want to sell the entire unicycle)

brand new 150mm ventures: 50$ (new price is $55, i immediately swapped these cranks with 125mm when i received my nimbus nightrider 36)

very used 125mm kh moments(also from 08-09~, they are thicker than the new ones, with less drilled out of the back, so heavier) : 40$… the right one is the one that’s pretty beat up from missed hops, left isn’t too bad at all

brand new onza sticky fingers: 30$… i literally rode this about 20 feet and hopped with it 4 times to realize i don’t like it and am selling it. better for a street/flat rider because they have no bounce. but very little rolling resistance. it probably has 99.99999999% tread left :stuck_out_tongue:

t7 handle with rail seatpost included: 45$… i rode my older 36er with this on it for a while, but decided handles aren’t for me at all (generally distance riding doesn’t appeal to me anymore) it’s taken a few spills, and where the rail attaches to the seatpost, the little bars are just a tad bent

old 07 kh blue hub: 15$ obo… it was used for 4 months until the frame broke and rim got bent and cracked. the flanges are a little bent up on both sides

more pics.

kh 125s/150mm ventures

125 damage and sticky fingers

125mm moments, tire, and handle+railpost, take 10$ off each

as far as the 165 moments and 150mm ventures, they’re now being sold with the 26" muni.

so, nimbus 26" burnt orange muni for sale…it has about 15 miles on it. wheel still perfectly true. it’ll come with both the 165’s and 150mm ventures.

300$ firm



uni sold.

125mm crank sale pending

sticky fingers still available for 20$

150mm ventures still avail for 40$

t7+rail post now 30$

PMed about the KH hub:)


PM sent on the sticky fingers

how much for kh hub??