Hi stupid question but what is ISIS mean and how do i tell if my unicycle has an isis hub
also same question about cottered/cotterless cranks

For some reason I fell into your trap and did the forum/google/wiki searches for you. In the future, you can do it yourself… it’s easy.

I’m not sure the easiest was to determine if you have square tapered or ISIS.
Removing a crank arm will definitely let you see.
Or looking in the gap between the crank arm and the frame might give you a clue, but I don’t know if you’ll definitely see the ISIS splines or not. Probably depends on your unicycles unique situation.
Or looking at part names and years could clue you in.

More info using the google search in the top right of this page.


thanks i wanted to know because kris holm cranks are isis and on a killer sale at this helped alot