this is probably a stupid question, but ive been unicycling for around half a year now and what is ISIS? :thinking:

international spline interface standard

It’s a standard for the splined interface for attaching cranks. will give you a good idea.

It’s not a stupid question. Koxx didn’t know what it was either.

AHAHAAHHAHAHHA! That was a really really good one! HAHAH. I laughed!

second that lol

thanks, also ho does having isis improve the quality of the unicycle? How does it make it better?

ISIS makes uni more expensive and as you know more expensive unis are better :wink:

but really it makes the connection between the axle and the crank stronger compared to square taper.

That is relative to what you have.

Technically it’s the axle itself, which has more material in it (thicker), which makes it much less likely to fatigue and break like a square taper axle will if you punish it enough.