ISIS hub in stamped bearing holders

Hello, it’s been a while.

So I’ve always heard that stamped bearing holder frames which are for square taper hubs, will typically fit an ISIS hub.

Well, on this premise, I purchased one of the few remaining superwide non disk ISIS hubs from compulsion, and a Nimbus Titan frame. Now that I have everything in hand, it looks like the bearings don’t seat all the way down into the holder.

Rather, the bearing sits on two points within the bearing holder.

Is this what people are talking about when they say that they work together? Seems a bit sketchy…

I’ll post pics later.


Never mind. Just realized that it’s because the stamped bearing holders are stamped a bit narrow. One of them is wider than the other and it fits just fine.

So I’ll gently massage the other ones open and roll with it.

Either way, even if it ‘‘fits’’ as we say, it doesn’t touch the bottom of the bearing holder. The stamped frames are usualy made for 40mm bearings. I’ve used a few and worked fine as long as you dont overtighten the bearing caps.

The regular non-ISIS bearings don’t touch the bottom of the bearing holder, either. I think the ISIS ones just sit at a different spot.

When I put an ISIS wheel in my cheapo Avenir frame it seemed to fit just as well as the original wheel.

I haven’t had a stamped frame in my hands for too long hahaha. I didn’t know even the 40mm bearings wouldn’t sit completely in it.

Either way, bearing holders, machined or not, dont overtighten them. Just gotta be more careful with stamped holders.