ISIS Hub`~_~`~_~`~_~`~_~`(Also, battered KH hub For Sale)

I needed to change my rim, but when I took out the hub, I found that I could not put it back on the new rim. The guy at the LBS would not do it, so I need another hub. Does anyone have an ISIS hub that they are selling?

If anyone is interested in my problem child, make an offer for the pictured hub. I can’t really remove the spokes due to the bent flanges, so you’ll get those as well. If you just want to use the spokes(which look quite decent) and not the hub, you can probably cut up the hub and remove the spokes. Otherwise, if you are a good wheel-builder, you’re halfway to a wheel set!

I saddly dont have any hub for you but, I may be interested in your old hub if you want to sell it… tell me how much you want if your selling it. You can PM me if you want because I dont really know how much you want to your hub, just tell me how much you want… :slight_smile:

Battered KH hub sold to me:)

Yes, I should say…

and I should say that I’m still looking for a hub.

can you sell me some nipples?

Sorry, they all went with the hub and spokes to Jacob.