isis frame?

will a frame for an isis uni fit a stardard square/4sided hub? (sorry i don’t know what its called)
are the bearings different sizes?

nimbus frame?

will this nimbus frame work w/ my standard hub?

That Nimbus frame is compatible with bearings that are 42mm in diameter and I believe they’re 100mm apart from one another. You would have to measure your current hub to see if they are the same size, but I don’t know if many cotterless hubs are compatible. I would suggest saving up to buy a Nimbus trials all at once. My brother just got one, and they’re really durable for the money.

Wow so I just spent too long trying to edit my post and I went over the limit. So, very briefly:

Your Torker CX has a hub with 40mm bearings and it will not fit properly into the Nimbus frame.

A Torker CX weighs less than a stock trials unicycle.

A Torker CX wheel will not withstand the stress of bigger drops. I don’t know your weight, but if you start pushing your limits you might ruin your wheel.

I strongly encourage you to save up for the Nimbus trials or even a Kris Holm if you get really into it! There are still a billion skills you can practice on your CX. Try one foot riding, wheel walking, and 1 foot wheel walking to name a few fun tricks.

light cx?

theres no way my cx weighs less than a stock trials uni. my cx is freak’n heavy.

i was looking at getting a nimbus trials uni from here’s the address

what do you all think?

It says they weigh 11 lbs on UDC, but then again you could have a different variation? But yeah, go for the Nimbus (with Moment Cranks)!

Yah, get that with Kris Holm Moment cranks.

ISIS is a standard for the crank-axle interface.

Although the standard includes a spindle (axis) diameter, it does not mandate any particular bearing size.

In short, there is no such thing as an “ISIS frame” or an “ISIS uni,” there are only “ISIS cranks” and an “ISIS unicycle axle”. The bearing sizes can vary.