ISIS Cranks: KH Moments (125, 125/150, 110)

I have 3 sets of KH moments for sale. I finally found the crank lengths I like on my 26" 4.0 Muni, 24" 3.0 Muni and 36-er. I have too many cranks

    1 set 125's in near new condition, $70 OBO including shipping
    1 set 125/150 double hole, near new condition, $80 OBO including shipping
    1 set 110's that I never used $70 OBO including shipping

I would prefer to ship them to the US only but may consider Canada and other countries.

bump… if you need any of these sixes, make an offer :slight_smile:

Sheesh, you must have a different set of cranks for every day of the week.
Unicycle hoarding disorder??


Ha haa!
Yes, I purchased like 7 pair to play with and decide which sizes fit my style and the terrain I ride, now I have everything dialed in :slight_smile:

Soon, I’ll be rocking a Triton triple frame with Sinz cranks and mountainuni discs… Hope you’re well. We should go ride Post canyon; it can be an 8am-1pm kind of deal. It’s a good time.

Triton . . . the one size fits all frame
Yes, I’d be up for some post canyon . . . now back to your regular programming . . .finding homes for unloved cranksets.


I might have a taker on the 125’s, still up for grabs until I have cash in hand (or in my paypal account).

110’s are sold, everything else is still up for grabs.

The 125’s and 125/150 cranks are still available.

would you ship the 125’s to NewZealand?
What condition are they in?
What price?

Hmmmm, the answers to your questions are in my original post. I don’t want to send then to New Zealand, sorry.

Interested in the 125/150’s. PM’d

7+ year old of post.