ISIS cranks + good seat vs Torker LX

Hello Everyone,

I want a new uni!
But I don’t think I want anything bigger than a 24" just yet.

Can you tell me whether ISIS cranks would make a big difference in riding, controlling, turning, etc. on straight roads in a neighborhood with cement streets that have some camber?

Also, I was out for a fairly long ride a couple of days ago (longer than usual).
I could have gone longer, but my crotch was killing me.
Would a better saddle help, and which one would be best for an older gal that just wants some good exercise for longer… and longer?

I’m looking at this uni:
which might not be that different from the Torker LX 24" except for the ISIS cranks,
and the weight of the uni (a couple pounds lighter than the Torker).

I’m not crazy about the purple, but I can live with it if it would be a great fit for me.

Also, should I get a different saddle than the one it comes with?

I asked earlier about the racing model with the skinny tire. I’m talked out of that one.
(Thanks for all of your comments on that!)
HA! No I don’t plan on doing any racing!

Thanks for your help!

No big benefit for riding around town except for the ability to upgrade to double hole KH cranks, and more comfortable saddle.

Adding to the value are the double wall rim, and stonger cranks (not that strong but a lot better than the LX’s). It would be great for light Muni w/ some longer cranks.

Can you tell me whether ISIS cranks would make a big difference in riding, controlling, turning, etc. on straight roads in a neighborhood with cement streets that have some camber?

It’s my understanding that the cranks won’t make any difference as far as control/turning/camber is concerned. The appeal to the stronger ISIS cranks is that they take more abuse from drops and hops and the like. You probably won’t need ISIS cranks for sidewalk rides, but more strength than you need never hurts… it just comes at a price.

One thing to consider as far as cranks are concerned is the “Q” factor. How far apart your legs are when you’re on the unicycle. I use the KH Moments because they allow me to have my legs further apart. Since discovering the moments I don’t really see myself using anything else. The moments are ISIS so if you prefer them you’re locked into going the ISIS route. Whether a crank is ISIS or not does not influence the Q factor. It’s all dependent on whether the cranks bend outward or whether they are straight.

Would a better saddle help, and which one would be best for an older gal that just wants some good exercise for longer… and longer?

Yes! The seat makes all the difference in the world. Again, before I knew any better I used a seat that caused a sharp pain for the first 1/4 mile, I’d eventually get used to it, but then the pain would come back in full force after an hour or so. I then discovered the KH Freeride. It absolutely felt like I wasn’t even on a unicycle when I first got on. Now I only start to get sore after about 2 hours and even then the pain is nothing like before. More of a dull pain than a sharp one.

In some ways it’s nice to get hurt on an inferior seat, that way you can truly appreciate just how nice the KH Freeride seat is. I imagine that there are some people that start off with the best seat possible and complain about how sore it makes them because they don’t know any better. :wink:

I should also add that I don’t have any experience with the Nimbus Gel (the seat on the uni you linked). Others would have to chime in to give you their experience with that particular seat.

Hi 57Unirider

My first learner uni had a tough seat, It was sitting on a brick;)

Now I have kh freeride on all my unis’:smiley: Very comfy:)

Are you not to keen on the colour, at least you’ll be able to pick it out easily in a full cycle rack:p

Another option is to buy a KH freerider seat and a new seat post and mount it on your Torker. You can then move it to your next unicycle if you upgrade.


So, jbtilley
are you saying you have better balance with your legs/feet further apart… or is it just more comfortable that way? I’ve never thought of the possible balance factor there. Since longer cranks help with balance, maybe pedals that are further apart would help as well. Just wondering.

Hey scott ttocs!
I might just do that.

Thanks jbtilly, skilewis, alucard, and scott ttocs!

It’s hard for me to say how much of a factor having my feet farther apart affected balance. I already knew how to ride reasonably well before getting cranks that allowed for a wider stance. In the end it boiled down to personal preference.

I don’t want to further complicate the matter but another thing to consider is rim width. Someone else will have to chime in with their experiences but I have heard that a wider rim contributes toward more stability. For the uni you linked it says the rim has a 32mm width. Note that there must be a misprint because the uni description says 24" but the rim description in the details portion says 20". Either way I bet the rim width is correct at 32mm.

I just bring this up because with other unicycles like the munis you’ll often see a 42mm rim width. If wider rims contribute to more stability then it might make more sense for you to get the wider rim.

While doing a partially supported still stand I’ve noticed it was nly oslightly easier. For me it the added control was more noticeable rolling. My old cranks (Torker DX, 150mm) were nearly streight and the new ones (Qu-Ax ten spline, 170mm) had a lot more Q-factor (even more than KH Moments).

Additional Q does give more control, but it does cause more high speed wobble at higher speeds (w/ effort I’m able to eliminate most of the wobble). Trying cranks w/ different Q, the ones I’ve liked the best are the ones w/ the most Q (my Qu-Ax’s). The same cranks but longer technically gives more Q-factor (distance from center of wheel at axel) but they gave me only a very slight amount of increased control, but very effective at lowering the gearing.

Yeah that has to be a typo, but how much of it :thinking:
The Nimbus Muni rim is 42mm wide so if that’s the rim it’s also been miss-typed, if so, it’s also off by one digit.

A wider rim crates a flatter profile of the tire making the uni not turn as easily (larger contact patch) in general and more difficult to lean into turns (or more stable depending on how you look at it). Also it absorbs the initial impact better than a narrower rim, more so than going to a fatter tire IMO, compared to the additional weight. Other points are, it reduces fold over in side hops and it slightly reduces the likelyhood of pinch flats.

The seat

Just to chime in on the seat. With 4 riders in my house (myself and my 3 boys) we have lots of unicycles in the stable. We have a 20" Torker LX and a variety of other models with either KH or Nimbus seats. The universal opinion at my house is that the Torker seat is the worst of the three brands. Very uncomfortable for longer rides. We all like the KH Freeride best. The Nimbus Gel is a very good alternative (and a big improvement over the Torker) but it is 2nd place to the KH our collective opinion.

While the Nimbus and KH seats blow the Torker away, the Torker is not the most uncomfortable seat we own. There are others that are even worse.

As mentioned above, just putting a KH seat on your current Torker will make a world of difference. Make sure you get a new seat post too, because the Torker seat post will not accept a KH or Nimbus seat.

Thanks everyone!
Really helpful comments!

Kerv, thanks for chiming in!
That’s exactly what I wanted to know.

Also, the crank/pedal width conversation was very interesting. I was just curious about the stability since there is usually plenty of advice for beginners to use longer cranks… which would put the feet further apart forward and backward. It was just a curiosity question, but your answers were quite informative.
Thank you jbtilly and skilewis.

I ordered the KH Freeride with a new post for the Torker LX.
It should be here Friday, so I’m hoping for a great weekend trying it out!
I will stick with that for awhile, and then, … like scott ttocs suggested… I will get a really spiffy uni a little later.


Comfort of seats I’ve tried, from least to most, IMO.

Torker LX, old Schwinn, Torker CX, Generic (similar to a Cycle Pro), Torker DX, (big jump here) Nimbus Gel, KH street, KH Air (VERY difficult to get the shape right), KH Freeride.

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If you buy a KH free ride seat, and you don’t like it, please post it cheap for sale on the forum. Not many of those seats being sold cheap here.

It’s Friday. Is it here yet??? :thinking:

Yes Alucard!

The KH Freeride and a new helmet arrived Friday afternoon.
The verdict is still out on the new KH Freeride, but I love the helmet.

I tried out the new saddle for a bit after installing it.
The frame of the seat seems to touch my “bones” precisely where I wanted to avoid pain. Instead of being comfortable for longer… it was quite uncomfortable immediately.

The feeling reminds me of how painful the Torker LX seat was the first few weeks of practice. I’m wondering if my bones just need to get accustomed to the new seat’s “touch points.” Just looking and touching to discover the framework of the seat… I thought it was quite logical, but then when I actually ride the thing… Pretty painful… really quickly.
It is quite HARD right on the crotch BONES!!!

It’s skinnier… which seemed to have an adverse affect on my ability to control the uni, but I think that is temporary. Freemounting was really crazy at first, but then it was okay… and then I went on to do some hoping right into riding that seemed a lot easier than it had been when I tried it before. I’m not crediting the new seat for that… just yet.

I tried adjusting the seat all the way up in front. It felt like I could barely put my weight on the seat. In fact, I couldn’t tell where my weight was trying to sit.

Pushing the front all the way down was much better. Even that position puts the front end tilted higher than it was on the non-adjustable Torker LX.

Every time I change something… uni size, switching pedals, crank length, it throws me off… then I either get used to it… or it KEEPS messing with me until I go back to the set up I had previously. I’m hoping the odd feel of the new KH saddle is quite temporary!

I was going to post a picture of the new helmet, but it does not show up on UDC now. I think I ordered the last one in stock. It was on sale. I wonder if they are discontinuing it. It was listed as a 661 Recon Stealth Helmet. Very light, lots of holes, straps come from bottom edge of helmet rather than from the inside. Very comfortable… and not so “out there,” in my opinion. I ordered the black one. The sales lady said they came in black or white.

Thanks for your help everyone!
I think the seat is going to be fine…
… and hopefully wonderful with just a bit more “seat time.”

:slight_smile: Thanks Everyone! :slight_smile:

Can’t say anything about the KH seat (except that i would like to try one) because i’ve only had the Qu-Ax standard seats so far.
From my motorbike trips (italy, france, spain, england, irland, scottland, …) I know that those seats with lots of padding may be comfy in the beginning but do hurt after longer riding, while those with less or stiffer padding, not comfortable in the beginning, turn out to be best for longer rides.

Time will tell if your decision was right, i believe it was.



Thanks Byc!
I did some more riding yesterday, and the KH was MUCH better!
I think it’s going to be a good thing!

Thanks Everyone!