ISIS Cranks and Nimbus Hub Sale: Moments, QuAx, Koxx, Try All, Nimbus

I am selling my extra cranks and a hub, here’s what I got:

From the top, left to right:

First Row:
Retail $65, Sale $40 - Nimbus ISIS 36 hole chromoly hub, very good condition, fresh bearings, includes ISIS bolts and spacers.

Second Row:
Retail $80, Sale $30 - Koxx Aluminum Cranks with pedal inserts 160mm
Retail $100, Sale $50 - QuAx Chromoly Steel Cranks 145mm (pic is incorrect)
Retail $90, Sale $45 - KH Moment Cranks 137mm

Third Row:
Retail $110, Sale $55 - KH Moment Cranks 165/137mm (two pair)
Free for cost of shipping - Nimbus Venture I Cranks 165mm
Retail $100, Sale $50 - QuAx Chromoly Steel Cranks 170mm
Free for cost of shipping - QuAx Aluminum Cranks 170mm
Retail $100, sale $50 - Try All Expert Aluminum Cranks 175mm

All cranks are in very good condition, except for the Koxx 160mm cranks which are a bit rough, so the price is reduced.

Buyer Pays shipping which is NOT included in the sale price.
Shipping will be by USPS Flat Rate Small Box, $6 USD.
You can combine cranks up to two sets per box and save some shipping

What you see for sale is what I have for sale, please don’t ask about “other parts” I might have for sale.

I’ll take the KH Moment Cranks 137mm. I can PM you with my address. How do you want payment? I can mail a check or whatever you prefer. Sounds like that would be $51 including shipping.


There was an inquiry about the 137’s before I posted the ad, so let me see if he wants them, if not, then they’re yours.

I’ll take the Nimbus Hub.

Nimbus Hub and 137mm Moments are sold pending receipt of payment.

Nimbus Hub and 137mm Moments are sold!

Those QuAx Chromoly Cranks are an awesome crank, strong and light, great alternative to the Moments.

I’ll take offers on the longer cranks…

Looking for offers on the long cranks…

Pm me, can’t send pms from phone

Well I would hope not, that would be wierd in so many ways :wink:

I am taking offers on the long cranks, shipping is extra ($5.35 USPS flat rate small box).

I’m suprised no one has snatched up those QuAx chromoly cranks, they’re the best cranks in the bunch, lighter than Moments, lower bulk and profile, same Q, and super strong; really expensive as you have to get them from outside the USA.

I’m interested in the 165/137’s if you can ship to Canada. Sent a PM. Thanks.

I’ll take the 140s. Same qfactor as moments? I’ll be offline though until sat nite

Do you mean the QuAx chromoly 145?

I don’t see what I need pictured, do you have any other parts for sale?

No, I guess I thought there were 140s for sale.