ISIS Crank Reviews

I was installing some QuAx chromoly cranks, and since I had a bunch of cranks just lying around, I pulled out the scale and had a weigh-in:

KH Moment 137mm = 602gm

Nimbus Venture II 150mm = 431gm
QuAx Chromoly 145gm = 474gm
KH Moment 150mm = 571gm

Koxx K1 160mm = 630gm
KH Moment 165/137 = 680gm

Nimbus Venture II 165mm = 462gm
QuAx Chromoly 170gm = 523gm
QuAx Aluminum 170gm = 556gm

I had expected that the Venture II’s would be the lightest cranks as they are fairly slim compared to the Moments and they lack a pedal insert. What suprised me was the QuAx Chromly cranks which are not only lighter than every crank other than the Venture II’s, but they are probably the strongest and most durable.

My 29er lost 125gms tonight :smiley:

Steel is real!

Anyone have weights for the shorter lengths: Moments 125, 125/150, K1 140…

Not sure if you made a typo or if its to do with the accuracy of your scales but how can the 137mm moments be heavier than the 150s?

Nope, that is the correct weight, I thought the same thing, so I triple checked them. The 150’s are newer and have some additional machining on the backside (2011), the 137 are from 2008-2009.

Mark, did you machine your cranks or where you thinking about it?

They QuAx chromoly cranks are pretty svelte :slight_smile:

Would you like me to throw up some Koxx 140s?

Throw up as in puke? No, don’t got none, buy some. Hey, this is not a discussion page! Weights, reviews, no chatter!!

K1 140 reinforced
Ok will weigh them when i can find a scale. I am 220 pounds and do regular 5ft plus drops with no bending

The Ventures and Venture2s have absolutely no Q factor btw.

Q factor, good point, maybe I can figure a way to measure than on my crank collection, then we could have a database of weight, lengths, and Q.

Now that there are three different hub widths, Q factor is more of an issue, esp with the super wide 125mm bearing spacing on the Oregon and Impulse.

I use the Ventures on the Oregon, tried to use them on the Nimbus ISIS 100mm spaced hib and it made my knees hurt, seems like there is an ideal width depending on rider size/width.

The Ventures are ~+5mm Q, the Venture2s are listed as “almost no” Q, the KH Moments are listed as +10mm Q, the QuAx have very low +Q.

Well, I thought the Q factor would vary more from crank to crank, but for the most part the cranks are either 10mm Q factor (Moments and QuAx Chromoly and Aluminum) and zero Q factor (Koxx, Ventures).

I measured the Q as an offest from the outside of the crank bolt hole to the outside of the pedal hole. I suppose the offset could be slighty different depending on how the crank goes on the spindle. On my Guni, the Moments go on really far, nearly touching the frame.

Its easy to measure Q-factor. Count how many cuts and bruises are on your ankles at the end of the day from riding.

Lots of Q-factor = no cuts and bruises

Little to no Q-factor = Cuts and bruises

Hello, first post here.

In my world, Q factor usually means the installed outside to outside measurement of the cranks. So if you’re making a database, I guess hub and crank should both be listed.

I’m going to be learning to ride once our weather warms a little, have a 29er being built up for me. I borrowed a friend’s 20" department store uni with a frozen post (too short) a few years back and over the course of a couple of weeks made it as far as 2 or 3 blocks. I could turn left but not right. I’m getting safety gear this time around.

Yes, you have a point, and this is an issue with unicycles because the cranks don’t always go onto the hub in a “Standard” manner.

I measured my Oregon with 150 Ventures and the pedals inserts were ~8" apart, I measures my KH 29 with 145 Qu AX Chromoly and the dimension was ~8", then I measured my KHGuni with 150/125 Moments and the dimension was ~7.5"

To keep things simple I think only the offset of the crank in question is needed. Specs like these are usually used by people looking to buy new equipment. If the offset is listed they can easily measure their current hub/crank setup and come up with a pretty good estimate of where the new cranks will put them in terms of total Q.

True enough, I’m coming from a cycling background where cranks are often purchased with BB, throwing more possibilities of confusion into the mix.

ZHI cranks

Has anyone tested ZHi cranks for muni or trial?
I consider buying some, since they are pretty lightweight. Not sure about the durability, though…

Never heard about ZHI before :smiley: After a quick search on the internet, it seems like bike cranks (160mm to 175mm). So strength aside, it will be too long for trial with a 20 inches uni.

It may be possible to use them for Muni if you like long cranks or Muni with a big wheel (29/36). But at the price I saw some ZHI cranks listed, you can have some QX ZeroQ or KH Spirit for less and get strong cranks (with double insert & disk readiness for the KH).

You’re right, they would only make sense for 24 inch trial or breakeless Muni. Unfortunately I got the idea stuck in my head to get 160mm lightweight cranks for that, which eliminates every Uni crank I ever heard of. As for the price, all of the 160mm’s who weigh about 410g or less are at least as expensive (TryAll, Rockman, Echo…)

Speaking of Echos, I saw a pair on ebay today.

Hijacking this thread…
I ride 150 cranks and have been looking for 150/170 or 145/165 or similar 2-hole versions. 150 for most rides, 165 for muni and technical climbs. 137/165 KH won’t work. M41 makes 3-hole 117/138/159 so 20mm spacing looks possible.

Let’s call it 150/170 - does anyone know if this is available or can be made? My guess is the leverage applied to 165+ makes 2-hole longer cranks subject to snapping? Any thoughts?