ISIS bolts, impact hub - problems.

Hi everybody, this is me getting very stressed about my new wheel.
I recieved my impact wheel today and im putting my kh moment cranks on.
Im trying to screw the bolts into the crank, but the hole in the hub is just too big for the bolts that came with my nimbus/moments combo
The bolts still screw into my nimbus hub perfectly, and it isnt that the new hub is stripped, purely that the hole is too big!
does anybody else have any experience with this? do ISIS bolts come in different sizes, do i need a shim?
please help.

Never mind, in the description it says “includes 2x hub bolts”
did it come with hub bolts? no.
Because I imported the wheel from sweden i’ll try and see whether i can get them cheap anywhere, i just want to ride. :angry:

I think Yoggi is using a different size of bolts, I know that the Koxx-one light and reinforced hubs didn’t have the same bolt size. I hope you’ll get new bolts soon!

aw, that sucks! what a tease!

well this makes life harder. I’ll email Impact, UDC sweden and maybe UDC uk just to see if i can buy any, do you think a local bike ship would have the right bolts?

Bring your wheel with you and ask if they have any bolts that size in their shop. Dont ask UDC if you can buy some, it’s supposed to be included with your wheel, just ask them to send a pair of bolt to you.

Yeah I’d ask your LBS, but if they don’t or its more than like $5 just email wherever you got the wheel from and ask them to send you some.

I might go into my LBS, but it’s just a halfords, so i doubt they have it.
The problem is i ordered it from sweden, and dont really want to wait too long to get the new wheel running :stuck_out_tongue:
I shall see what happens!

There are two different bolts spec’d for ISIS M12x1 and M15x1. It seems like the M15 size is more prevalent for bikes, and so it should be easy to get at any bike shop.

M12 makes for a heavier, but stronger spindle, and so it seems to be the favored size for uni’s, but not for the light hubs for obvious reasons.

Thankyou very much jtrops, Im sucking it up and buying some M15 “trialtech” bolts from tartybikes, there were some cool looking ones on amazon that were nice and blue, but I payed a little extra delivery as im going to do some riding with people on wednesday, and what the wheel up and running for that! :slight_smile:

no no no! dont buy M15 Im almost 100% sure that Yoggi is using M13 bolts for some strange reason cause Pedro told me. I will copy and paste it here:

Well, I talked to Yoggi and he explained to me: Koxx One uses M12 for the reinforced hub and M15 for the light hub. On Addict he decided to use M13 bolts… Design/Performance issues…

If it uses M13 they are making their own bolts. To my knowledge there is no M13 standard for bolts, even with the more common 1.25 pitch. He could have spec’d m14, but would that really be that much stronger than m15 for the hassle in finding bolts? And the standard thread for M14 is 1.5 which is a pretty coarse thread for this application.

send pedro or somebody on the impact team a pm and why didnt your wheelset come with bolts anyways, impact is cheating you!! :smiley:

I’ll just wait for the M15’s to come I guess, i’ve already ordered them!
I’ll be annoyed if they’re making custom bolts though, seems more than a little bit stupid to me…

Are you sure? My exceed ti hub uses standard bolts. Same as K1 reinforced and KH moment 07.

Im literally 100% sure the M12’s don’t fit :frowning:
They just arent big enough for the thread in the hub, the postman should be delivering the bolts today, i’ll let people know what happens :slight_smile:
quick question, if the cranks wont go all the way on by hand, what am i meant to use to push them on further? :smiley:

ARGH. :angry:

going insane here, this means I won’t have my wheel ready for riding with everyone tommorow. not happy.

The bolt - just do it up until the crank hits the crankstop/spacer (assuming the Impact hub has them).

I wonder why they went for a weird thread size - what a pain in the arse.


Thanks Rob! :slight_smile:

I am going to end up hurting someone/something. :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ll contact UDC sweden when peter rings up in a couple of days time (he’s been away at a german convention I think) Hopefully that’ll get it sorted, otherwise. Looks like im in for a long wait. :frowning:

I have the same problem!The bolts are M13x1!
I made some bolts selve for me, this was the fastest way to get one!
There are no dealers of this bolts in europe!