ISIS bearings... in 40mm OD?

Hello, I’m curious if it’s possible to find such an item. For one, the bearing world is MASSIVE, so say we take the other measurements of the ISIS bearing but have 40mm OD instead of the usual 42mm OD.

I’m curious because Miyata lollipops only take 40mm bearings, and customising my own lollipops is not an option, for having bigger bearings would mean the tyre would have greater clearance with the frame, which I don’t want.

So can there be such a thing? is there some sort of bearing search engine if we typed in all the measurements?

I’m hoping either Roger or Roland may know, but anyone else who would know anything, then do tell. :slight_smile:


the inner diameter is? 22mm?

Torker DX bearings are 20mm ID and 40mm OD. You can get several different IDs on a 40mm stock bearing, but the bearing availability will depend on the diameter of your intended ISIS axle. There are several sizes of ISIS axles; I’ve seen 20mm, 21mm, and even 21.5mm.

Many bearing houses offer custom sized bearings, but the minimum quantities are always an issue.

i’m after 40mm OD, and 22mm ID. for the new KH Moment/Nimbus ISIS hubs

ok, and i’m assuming 12mm width


FAG Bearings

I have done a bit of bearing research

Some uni bearings are not available in bearing stores. Torker ordered theirs special so they can charge big dollars for them.

I guess that if you are willing to order 1000’s, the bearing maker will accommodate you.

The sweet spot is the 20x42 mm bearing. Used in a huge variety of equipment , they can be bought online 10/10$ , and cheaper in larger lots. Found on many uni’s like pre 07 KH and others

The standard 22x44 is available, but they cost 6 $ each, because few devices use them.

So the 8$ UDC charges for the 22x44 ISIS size is fairly good IMHO. Like the Torker size, this bearing can only be found at a uni dealer, as far as I can tell. But at least it’s not a rip off 15 $ each, like the Torker. Booo Torker !:wink:

Here are some bearing houses that will let you search by IDxOD, like 20x42. Ebay is also good.

found some (sorta)!!!
maybe not, i have no idea what i found, but they are the right size, sorta.
2 of these should do the trick.

i’m pretty sure someone said the current bearings are 12mm so you might have to modify shims,but thats not too hard, is it? idk how the bearing holders work.

i more word

zfreak did some searching
1mm shims(rubber) will do the trick :slight_smile:

Correct Bearing size for 2007 Kris Holm Unicycles

The correct bearing size for 2007 Kris Holm Unicycles 224212-RS.

That is 22mm ID 42mm OD and 12mm width with ruber seals.

This is an odd size and for the moment only Qu-Ax had them made. If you open up the bearing caps you will clearly see QU-Ax written on the blue ruber seal. Kris wrote to me that he is also going to have his own made because of tolerance issues. I don’t know what he meant by that. The Qu-Ax bearings seem to be fitting and working fine with all the abuse that I dole out.