Isaac Conyers - Impact

I am now the first Impact Team Rider outside of europe. I’m the Aussie represent now.

This video has been out for a few days but i got around to rendering a good quality version (thanks to mike padial for the help) and put it up on youtube, then figured id put it on here too just for those who dont have me on vimeo or facebook.

enjoy? lol

cleeeaaannn!! :sunglasses:
loved the 450 out of crank.

Nice vid :slight_smile:
you have a pretty good style ;p 450 out of crank was nice, backslide also (I only tried it ones, but i think it is so hard xD) and yeah original tricks :roll_eyes:

The only think I would like to see more from you in the future are : Bigger handrail, and a bit more teck street like :more tricks in or out handrails ^^, doing fakie flips down things, outflip,fulloutflip down sets/gaps,… and stuf like that :smiley: and yeah: 540, but I saw on facebook that you are practising on that one =)

If you do that or not it doesn’t really matters, your style is nice as it is :stuck_out_tongue: (just for the future maby… xD)

Oh, I almost forgot to say: your editing and music are very good :smiley:

I wanna be you when I grow up.

You know I love it Isaac. About what you said Tim. Isaac having more tech tricks would be nice, buts its so refreshing to see a rider like Isaac, being recognized for this style of riding. I think its awesome.

i always consider doing tech tricks but im not actually any good at them and it would look bad for me to start putting some basic tech tricks into my videos now that im with impact :confused: thats why i give them creative twists instead (like my pedal grab tick-tock flip out). i figured the tick tock flip out and the double flip would be enuf techness to make people happy without changing my style.
Bigger handrails? of course! i really wanted to do a big handrail but i have very little confidence riding on my own. once i move to sydney hopefully i will get more confident with going big and maybe even make my ideal video: nothing but BIG stuff (plus a 540 :stuck_out_tongue: (its seriously already on my list of tricks to land for my big street video)).
thanks anyway Tim :slight_smile:

edit: thanks hugo and chris! and sorry bout making this thread twice. stupid glitchy internet of mine got me confused

That was awesome, grats on the sponsorship :-).

Dude! loved it! Congrats on making the team, you definitely deserved it :smiley:

thanks! and man u probly get this a lot but i just need to say it: you look so much like Ross Noble! its awsome! :smiley:

Ross noble went to my school :stuck_out_tongue: and he used to ride a giraffe on parents evenings and stuff, one of the older teachers told me :slight_smile:
Epic video, really enjoy your style!

Lol! I’ve never got that before! I see what you mean though :stuck_out_tongue: